Marketing Without Tools? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

July 20, 2020
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Digital marketers can’t expect to be successful without a few key marketing tools.

Without them, you will find yourself wasting precious time performing tasks that can be done by modern technology.

Remember, you’re the brains behind the operations. Let the digital marketing tools do as much of the work as possible so that you have more time to strategize.

Here are five marketing tools that I recommend all digital marketers use. Be sure to equip yourself with the best to deliver high-end results for yourself and your clients.

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1. JumpStory

It would be poor form not to recognize the benefits of JumpStory. So let’s start with it. Picking the right images for your website can be time-consuming. However, it’s becoming more and more important by the day.

In fact, the images that you select for a website have a direct correlation to your search engine optimization tactics. Google’s algorithm searches its file title and descriptions for keywords and considers their high-resolution as positive for your site’s quality.

No matter what online business you’re running, you need high-quality images to promote your brand. Therefore, you need a digital marketing tool that will give you access to as many as possible.

JumpStory is helping brands all over the world by providing the highest quality of images for your website.

Better yet, it’s integrated artificial intelligence can help you pick the best ones for your specific articles, social media posts, the home page, etc.

Be sure to research all the benefits of JumpStory for your business. Not only can it remove the need for you to take time selecting images, but it can also yield you better results!

2. Pocket Insights

The most successful marketers are the ones that use their insights and data as fuel to direct their campaigns moving forward.

But with so many different platforms that provide insight, how do they have time to log in and monitor them all?

They could spend hours each week looking at Google Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram Insights.

Odds are that they’re using Pocket Insights for their insight-viewing needs. It’s a marketing reporting tool that collects your essential data from each platform and presents them in a helpful weekly email.

3. Zapier

One of the biggest drawbacks of digital marketing can be the overwhelming amount of separate marketing tools for your business.

They all plan an essential role, but it’s exhausting to go in and perform tasks on applications such as CampaignMonitor, Buffer, and Facebook Ads Manager each day. Luckily, Zapier makes that all much easier by providing a way to connect them all.

I like to think of it as the nucleus to all the different web applications that I’m running. It’s an automation tool that can help you cut out a lot of the repetitive (but necessary) work of a digital marketing campaign.

For example, Zapier can help you connect your website forms with Google Sheets or a CRM.

Simply set up the trigger event and the actions that you want to follow it, and Zapier will take care of the rest from that day forward!

4. Venngage

The gaining of insights and data is power. The more information that you’re provided, the more that you can learn about your digital marketing initiatives.

However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Reading the information given to you can often be difficult and overwhelming.

Lucky for us, Venngage exists! It’s a helpful application that can take your data and turn it into helpful infographics that are much easier to read and recall.

It’s perfect for business meetings, blog articles, and employee training sessions where you want to present the content in a way that’s easier for them to retain.

The best part? It couldn’t be easier for you to use. Simply choose a template, add your charts and graphics, then choose the color and fonts. Within minutes, you’ll have an aesthetically-pleasing infographic!

5. MeetEdgar

Are you in desperate need of a content manager for your brand, but aren’t willing to outsource it or hire an in-house employee?

If so, then MeetEdgar can help you with all your social media management needs. It is a tool that turns social media into a science.

Mainly, it helps you automate tasks such as re-sharing your content, push your evergreen content, and provide you valuable insights into your posts.

You no longer have to wonder which posts have given you the most clicks. MeetEdgar specializes in split testing your posts so that you can gear your future posts towards the elements that worked best.

Many digital marketers will agree that social media management can be the most painstaking part of the job. With MeetEdgar by your side, you can rid yourself of the repetitive tasks.

Add These Marketing Tools to Your Repertoire!

Now that you’ve seen what can be done by just five of my favourite tools, it’s time to add them all to your arsenal of applications! Or at least keep investigating for those that might save you time and money.

Remember, such tools should help you maximize the time and efficiency of your daily digital marketing tasks, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

About the author

The article was written by Quentin Aisbett