Marketing Strategies For Startup Success – Top 10 Uncommon Solutions

March 15, 2021
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Want to build a huge audience for your startup? You’re not alone. If you’ve made the conscious decision to start your own business, you might be concerned about gaining a following and earning revenue – but you don’t want to spend so much marketing money doing so.

Thankfully, there are 10 strategies – those that you might not have even came across yet – that can help you gain customers and generate a good profit from selling your product. So, let’s dive in!

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1. Introduce An Exclusive Beta

People want things that they can’t have. So, exclusive betas can help ease their wants. When introducing your startup to new users, create a sense of exclusivity about your brand. Not only does this help you promote your brand, but you’re also stirring up a crowd of potential buyers with that much attention.

2. Have A Referral Program

Want to develop a huge following fast? Then try referral marketing!

It’s a basic strategy where you let customers help promote your product for you. It’s a gold mine that many businesses overlook, even when 92% of consumers trust personal recommendations more than all other forms of marketing.

In a referral program, customers can get rewarded for referring someone to your brand. It’s a win-win for you, the original customer, and the newcomers.

3. T-Shirts

Who doesn’t want free apparel?

T-shirts with your company brand and message are another great way to increase brand awareness. And best of all, there are many companies (i.e. UberPrints) who can create t-shirts for you, and give them to you in bulk. In turn, you can use the shirts as gifts to customers, so that wearers can provide free marketing for your startup.

4. Score A Spot In A Major Publication

Getting feature in a major publication is a plus! If you feature your product in a reputable and popular publication (i.e. newspaper, magazine, etc.), then you’ll gain traffic and exposure.

Also, make sure you keep the relationship going afterward by:

  • Sharing their content
  • Engaging with editors
  • Not overpromoting

Woman Reading a magazine

5. Partner With Other Brands

There’s nothing wrong with partnering with other brands. In fact, there are some well-established brands that are willing to spotlight up-and-coming businesses; you just have to look for them. And, even if you can’t have a larger brand on your side, you can still seek out any other brand, which can help you increase your credibility and authority within a niche.

6. Promote A Social Cause

People like giving to a cause that they care about. So, why not cater to those people?

Ask yourself:

  • How can a product be good for a certain cause?
  • How can customers interact with your product in a way that helps a greater purpose?

Who knows? You might catch the attention of news outlets with your mission to change the world with your product.

Protest sign

7. Offer Freebies With Purchase

Everyone loves freebies. So, if you offer an occasional incentive (i.e. “buy one, get the second for free”) for buying your product, you’ll gain more awareness not just about your product, but also of your entire brand.

8. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the most effective genres in video sharing. Explainers, or tutorials or storytelling, can help you generate a lot of traffic while encouraging consumers to buy more of your product. This strategy is ideal for startups because videos act as first impressions of your brand. Just create a unique angle through which you can promote your startup, and then film a short video promoting said angle.

Camera recording a man

9. Hold Contests

Contests are often fun and exciting. So, why not hold a contest on your social media page? Contests are great for startups, because they grab people’s attention, and get them excited to see what you have to offer.

10. Be Your Product’s Biggest User

If you haven’t gotten a lot of customers yet, then don’t worry. Why not turn yourself into a customer to show off how great your product is? By demonstrating your own product, you’re setting the stage for others to try it for themselves and convince others to buy it.



Ultimately, creativity should be the bulk of your marketing strategies. As you implement these 10 strategies, you’ll see huge results, from increased followings to substantial revenue.

So, start growing your business today by utilizing some or all of these strategies!

About the author

Michael Dehoyos is a writer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Write my thesis. He is also a contributing writer for online publications, such as Dissertation help. As a content marketer, he helps companies improve their marketing strategies and concepts.

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