Make The Most of Facebook to Achieve your Goals

January 13, 2021

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 Facebook offers several options of how you can achieve your marketing goals for a fair price. Before you launch your campaign, you should know the answer to the question of what you want to achieve by the campaign. And you should tailor the campaign to the answer. This is easier said than done.

Facebook can be very useful for achievement of the following concrete targets: increase brand awareness, reach the widest possible audience to communicate the brand, increase the number of visits to your website, promote events, increase the number of video views, increase the number of potential customers, attract visitors to your e-shop and thereby increase your sales.

Once you have set your target, Facebook is helpful with effective campaign positioining to reach the target audience and to achieve the objective at the utmost level.

Values make it attractive

Clients frequently and urgently require increasing brand awareness and increasing interest in their products or services sold under the brand. A Facebook campaign is an excellent tool for such purpose provided that the campaign is appropriately tailored. To increase brand awareness, communication of brand values generates far better results than any communication of products or services values. Focus on the brand values which make the brand special and different from its competition and bring benefits to end users.  

Tailored campaign

Facebook offers tools which can target the campaign at achievement of the target output. Whoever understands campaign targets, wins. At this point, you can hardly work without the Facebook Ads Manager. However, do not lose temper, as campaign targeting can take several hours. Almost everything can be set and targeted, whereby you can influence the effect of your campaign: the audience size, locations of the target audience, its age, life preferences, ways of spending leisure time, differentiation of families and singles, as well as the action to be taken after a viewer has seen the ad and many other settings.

Optimization equally important to creativity

On Facebook, advertisers frequently focus on the production of creative ad, whereas targets  setting slips to second place although the correct placement is equally important for the success of the ad, that is whether the ad achieves the goal, that is whether people viewing the ad will do what the advertiser wanted.

Facebook strives to help advertisers as much as possible and relies on algorithmic learning. It makes it possible to Facebook to “know“, whom the advertisement should be displayed to, at what time and where, and how much the advertiser will pay for the optimized display of his advertisement.

The target, the target and the target once more

Target selection is the first and most important decision for Facebook campaign positioning. It seems to be simple as Facebook offers three target categories with simple names:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

What will you “reveal” to Facebook and its algorithms by your target selection?

  • Awareness: Search opportunities to increase brand awareness.
  • Consideration: Display wherever visits to the website or connection to the Internet are most likely expected.
  • Conversions: Display my ad if there is a chance to buy / use the service.

However, this is not the end. Once you have chosen the main target, Facebook offers a selection of several subcategories which should contribute to achievement of the main target.

  • Awareness
    • Brand Awareness
    • Reach
  • Consideration
    • Traffic
    • Engagement
    • App Installs
    • Video Views
    • Lead Generation
    • Messages
  • Conversion
    • Conversions
    • Catalogue Sales
    • Store Traffic

Optimization of positioning

So as any production strives to optimize its processes to achieve the best possible effect at the earliest time possible and at lowest cost, so positioning on Facebook requires optimization as well. This is the moment when you tell the algorithm, what should a viewer of your advertisement do. Depending on your campaign target, Facebook provides you with suitable possibilities of optimization of delivery.

Provided that you wish people to download the document from the website and you have conversions measurement, choose the conversion campaign on Facebook, choose a suitable conversion event from Pixel in the ad group and choose delivery optimization for conversions. Facebook will strive to display the ad to the audience which is highly expected to finish download.

What can you do if you have got no conversions yet? Set your campaign to visit target and choose optimization of delivery in the ad group to display the target website. Your ad will be displayed to the audience which most likely will visit the target website. Once you receive enough conversions, you can change to the conversion campaign.

Ancillary testing

Selection of the right target will cardinally influence results from the advertisement. Should you hesitate about the target selection, Facebook will offer you testing variables of optimization of delivery, audiences or creative and thereby to find out what works the best. This costs time and money, but you can profit from valuable information about stimuli your audience reacts best to.

Define your strategy before using Facebook Ads Manager. It is immensely helpful. You will thus not lose control or feel upset, as certain frustrations can occur when setting advertisement.

About the author

Mr. Anton Paluš is an online specialist working with the Slovak full-service ad agency Citadela, which has made several successful marketing projects for clients like Merck, Sika, Bramac or Tatraleasing.

Anton Paluš