LinkedIn Ads: Four Essential Tips To Nail Your Ads in 2020

December 24, 2020

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LinkedIn is among the most popular social media platforms that B2B businesses use to reach a more professional audience.

While organic traffic is important for your business, nothing guarantees you that you’ll attract the attention you desire. And, let’s be honest, sometimes your target audience will just scroll through your posts without even noticing your calls-to-action. Unfortunately, social media users are too busy to click on everything you present them. So what do you do?

For that, LinkedIn has enabled marketers to leverage LinkedIn Ads, a paid stream to effectively boost engagement and get their lead generation going. But, you may wonder, how do I nail them in 2020?

To give you a helping hand, today we’ll take a look at 4 essential tips you need to consider to make your LinkedIn Ads work like a charm.

4 Simple Tips To Increase Your LinkedIn Ads Efficiency

1. Choose the right LinkedIn Ad format

LinkedIn Ads come in different shapes and sizes. Which means you need to pick the right format for your business. In short, here are Linkedin’s most famous ad types:

  • Sponsored Content & Direct Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Lead Gen Forms
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

More specifically, sponsored content and direct sponsored content are perfect for building your brand on LinkedIn by promoting existing content, sharing updates, and leading your audience to your landing pages.

These types of ads will give your engagement a boost and drive your absentminded users towards your CTAs through amazing images or videos.

Similarly, if you want to power up your B2B lead generation in a more personalized way, you can choose Sponsored InMail and Lead Gen Forms.

With Sponsored InMail, you can design personalized messages that will appear on top of your user’s inbox. Then all you need to do is intrigue your target audience and make them click. And you know what they say, an excellent, less intrusive experience makes for happier users!

Now, if you want to leverage paid ads for lead generation you can choose Lead Gen Forms. This type will help you provide your audience with a seamless experience since it lets them complete forms without leaving the platform.

And if you want something more classic, you can choose LinkedIn’s text ads to increase brand awareness and dynamic ads to make the experience better.

As you can see, your LinkedIn Ads can’t be random. You need to choose the right format to fulfill specific needs. So, always consider your goals before choosing. It’ll save you valuable time and, of course, money.

2. Create targeted content for your audience

Choosing the right ad type is essential to give your LinkedIn social media marketing strategy a boost. However, if you don’t target your audience with content tailored to their needs, you won’t see the outcome you desire.

Your LinkedIn Ads need careful planning and the right parameters to function flawlessly. So, when you choose your format, don’t forget to set specific criteria to target your audience more effectively.

Some of the parameters you should consider are:

  • demographics: age and gender of your target audience
  • education: degree and field of study
  • employment: employed or unemployed users, job position, title, job description

All this data will offer you a powerful tool to segment your audience based on their preferences and interests. Consequently, you will be able to make your messages and ads more relevant to them.

3. Set clear LinkedIn Ads KPIs

An advertising campaign is no joke. Just think about the money you invest in your campaigns. If you don’t reach your goal, then you’ll end up with a campaign that was a waste of time and money.

To avoid that, you need to know exactly the objective of your campaign and how to measure its success. That’s where your key performance indicators (KPIs) come in. Depending on your objective, you can choose the right type of LinkedIn ad form.

Your objective can be simple like counting video views or more complex like measuring your:

  • lead generation: the number of qualified leads you got through your campaigns.
  • engagement: the likes, shares, and comments your ads collected.
  • website/landing page clicks: how your LinkedIn Ads contributed to increasing your website traffic and led potential customers to your landing pages.

Tracking everything isn’t going to show you what you need to focus on. So, when you start a new campaign, it’s better to focus on a single objective rather than try to track everything!

4. A/B test your LinkedIn Ads

Creating high-converting LinkedIn Ads isn’t rocket science. However, it’s a process of trial and error. And like a good marketing/scientist you need to run your A/B tests to see what converts better.

Don’t worry, this form of testing doesn’t require Pietri dishes or needles. All you need is to test different elements until you find what your target audience likes more.

For example, the simplest thing you can do is change your ad copy or CTA. Play around with different words and then check whether your initial ad (control) or your variation has performed better. Of course, make sure to avoid common grammatical errors and unprofessional copy. Keep in mind that LinkedIn’s B2B audience is on the professional side. So, aim for a great (and professional) first impression!

What’s more, you can use different images or videos to see what attracts your user’s attention more. Whatever you change, you need to remember that your audience’s preferences can change at any given time. So, make sure to improve your ads as you go, test your elements to stay relevant, and receive the engagement you desire.


To get the most out of your LinkedIn Ads you need to consider some of the most important tips. Choose the right format and create content that your audience will like. Of course, don’t forget to set your objectives and test your campaigns for greater efficiency.

This is how you’ll be one step closer to converting more and ensuring the growth of your business through significant social media platforms like LinkedIn.

About the author

Marilia Dimitriou is a Creative Writer working for email marketing automation software Moosend. Her passion for writing has made her find new ways to combine the art of Creative Writing with SEO Copywriting. When she’s not writing articles, you’ll find her enthusing over marketing tech and automation.