Jonathan Low - Co-founder
Jonathan Low - Co-founder
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JumpStory vs Competitors

At JumpStory we know that as a startup we are like a mouse compared to our American competitors – the giant elephants Shutterstock and iStock. However, we have set forth to create a real alternative to the elephants and fundamentally we think differently than our American colleagues.

First, and foremost, we are marketing and communication people ourselves. Not from the photo industry. We have created JumpStory because we love pictures, but also because, at the same time, we hate wasting time looking for them. Furthermore, we know that as a marketing person you’re not really looking for the picture itself. You’re looking for the effect. And that is the foundation for what we are doing and building at JumpStory.

When I’m asked, during interviews, how we differ from the elephants I point out four things:


1. We break with confusing licensing terms

At JumpStory we don’t understand why it has to be so complicated with all the many licensing terms. Photography is an art, but the licensing terms don’t have to be.

At the moment we are, for instance, getting at lot of new customers who can’t see through the terms which our American competitors put up for the use of their pictures. In addition, we also get customers who are not sure about the private terms which the free sites suddenly have started to introduce when using their content.

And that is why JumpStory has made it extremely simple for you. We have only one license type, Creative Commons 0, which allows you to use all of our visual content forever and for all purposes. Without limitations!




2. We break with obscure prices

Secondly, we don’t understand the industry’s obscure prices. Does one really have to create so many different price packages with build-in limitations to be able to make money on helping marketeers finding good pictures for a fair price? That we don’t agree with!

This is why JumpStory has made it extremely simple for you. We have one price, 25 US Dollars per month, which gives you unlimited access to search for, download and use all the content you find.




3. We break with wasting time

According to an international study, 95% of all image searches end up with the user never downloading any images. Therefore, we waste a lot of time on guessing which search word will give us the photo we are looking for. Or we don’t really know what we are looking for and we just want to be inspired.

That’s why JumpStory has added a new and time-saving way to search for images. Instead of guessing what search word to use, you simply copy your text onto our platform, using our TextMatch function, and then our artificial intelligence matches the content of the text with relevant photos within seconds.


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4. We break with wasting marketing budgets

Finally, marketeers rarely get value-for-money. One of the reasons for this is that we often choose pictures with little to none effect. I know how difficult it can be to choose the right photo if I’m presented with 20 photos that look alike.

And this is one of the reasons why JumpStory has created a smart feature we call HighJumper. The feature analyzes our millions of photos and gives them a ‘score’. Then we use these scores to recommend those pictures that are expected to perform the best. In practice you’ll meet this on our platform as a small icon shown on the pictures with the highest scores. These are what we call HighJumpers.