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June 6, 2024

Why use JumpStory?

Save time: We've curated the best images for you.

Save money: Unlimited use for just $23 per month.

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Why use JumpStory?

- Save time:
  We've curated the best   images for you.

- Save money:

  Unlimited use from $23   per month.

We are pleased to announce that JumpStory, has been recognized as one of 2024’s top design software for visual content by industry review platform Tekpon.

The entire JumpStory team is thrilled about the award, which highlights that our dedication to delivering authentic and high-quality visuals is truly appreciated.

“From the beginning, JumpStory’s mission has been to revolutionize the way businesses and creatives access and use stock images. Last year, we introduced our new product, Everyday AI, which is an AI image generating tool, that can create authentic and real looking images, illustrations, icons and other visual content. Our goal is to continue addressing our customers’ needs and ensuring they have the best resources to bring their projects to life.” – JumpStory Management

JumpStory founders

Tekpon curated its Top Design Software for Visual Content list based on criteria combining innovation, ease of use, and powerful features to help businesses achieve their creative goals. JumpStory, is scoring 9 out of 10, and is recognized as an innovative and user-friendly platform that empowers businesses and creatives:

“I was SHOCKED at how well JumpStory interpreted my very first Text to AI Generation prompt…
You totally nailed it on the first generation!!! Earlier today I used Leonardo.AI for six hours struggling to fine tune my prompt but their Text to AI Generation never came close to what I intended. They produced dozens of wrong generations during that time period, but they all greatly distorted what I was trying to accomplish–talk about feeling frustrated!

Way to go JumpStory for correctly following my prompt on my very first try! What a time saver! (true experience, without payment from JumpStory!)

And the staff at JS has been a pleasure to work with too, with clear, concise communications.’’ – the review by a JumpStory customer states.

You can find our full profile on Tekton here: https://tekpon.com/software/jumpstory/reviews/.


Photo of a business woman generated with Everyday AI

Tekpon is an online marketplace connecting businesses with the software solutions they need to thrive in today’s digital landscape. With a focus on innovation, quality, and transparency, Tekpon offers a curated selection of software across various categories, aiding businesses in enhancing their operations and achieving their digital marketing goals.

About JumpStory

Founded in 2018, JumpStory is a leading platform for authentic and high-quality stock photos, helping businesses and creatives enhance their visual storytelling with an authentic stock photo library and unique AI image generating tool. JumpStory is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, and serves a diverse global clientele. Backed by a dedicated team and cutting-edge technology, JumpStory continues to innovate and expand its offerings. Sign up to try JumpStory 7 days free here https://jumpstory.com/select/ .

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