The story behind JumpStory

October 31, 2019

Why use JumpStory?

Save time: We've curated the best images for you.

Save money: Unlimited use for just $29 per month.
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Why use JumpStory?

- Save time: We've curated the best images for you

- Save Money: Unlimited use for just $29 per month

In the Summer of 2019, JumpStory co-founder Jonathan Low was invited to do a keynote at the major tech-event LOGIN in Europe. Together with other founders from global tech- and AI-startups across the globe, Low was to share his vision behind his company, and he talked about building ‘Netflix for images’.

Jonathan Løw speaking at LOGIN 2019 about JumpStory.

Thousands of people attended the event, and one of them – Shazam founder Dhiraj Mukherjee, wrote the following two tweets after having heard Jonathan Low and the JumpStory-vision:

Shazam is an app with more than 500 million users worldwide, so it was of course a great honour for the whole JumpStory-team to get such feedback on our idea and product.

Therefore we also decided to share Jonathan’s speech with all of you on our blog, and we hope that the speech can not only give you a deeper understanding of why we founded JumpStory, but hopefully also inspire you to reach out for the stars yourself!