What is just around the corner at JumpStory?

December 17, 2019
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Dear Reader,

Today we sat down with our colleagues at JumpStory to discuss 2020. How are we going to improve our product and user experience to make the value even greater for you as a current or future customer?

We want to share with you 10 of the major improvements and features that we will launch for sure in 2020. They make use truly excited …

Ten million new visuals

– Including photos, videos, icons, vectors and illustrations.

2. Music and soundtracks

– Helping your online communication and marketing come even more alive.

3. Advanced search options

– Enabling you to filter based on people, location and much more.

4. Smart integrations

– Letting you access JumpStory directly through WordPress, PowerPoint and other tools.

5. Unique AI features

– Making it even easier for you to pick the images with the highest impact.

6. Better photo editor

– Improving your editing options in JumpStory.

7. Advanced archive

– Making it possible for you to create folders, share folders and much more.

8. Agency features

– Enabling agencies to let their users select images through the agency login.

9. C02 reduction tool

– Helping you to reduce your carbon footprint when using visuals online.

10. Bias filters

– Preventing visuals from replicating stereotypes in gender, ethnicity etc.

Any ideas?

Please share them with us, and we will make sure to include them in the pipeline! Contact our management directly at jl@jumpstory.com

Best regards,

Anders Thiim Harder & Jonathan Low
Co-founders of JumpStory