Instagram Hashtag Strategy For Organic Growth

February 10, 2021

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There are a plethora of changes happening in the Instagram ecosystem lately, affecting the overall organic performance of your Instagram business account. 

In that matter, the particular subject we are about to discuss further is “HASHTAGS”. To be even more specific, we are about to discuss, a certain Hashtag strategy that can help you to improve your overall organic performance in the Social Media Channel of Instagram. 

Without further ado let’s dive into the topic! 

What is Skyscraper Hashtag Strategy?

Yes, you’ve heard right. The strategy is named “Skyscraper Strategy”, also well-known as “Staircase strategy”. The peculiar name derives from the structure of a building, that the strategy resembles. I know it may sound confusing, but bear with me while I explain! 

However, before we continue I shall point out that the successful conduction of the strategy requires hashtag research. In case you don’t know how to conduct one, make sure to check up on it, here is an example.

The Skyscraper strategy is a simple yet really effective method to boost your organic reach and exposure. With that being said let me start explaining what the nature of the strategy is and how it functions. 

First, you have to divide the hashtags relevant to your business or activity into 6 different groups: 

First group

Firstly, in group 1, you should include 5 hashtags that range from 5k to 50k total posts.

Second group

Secondly, in group 2, you should use 5 hashtags ranging from 50k to 250k total posts. 

Third group

The next step is the third group. It should comprise 5 hashtags that range from 250k to 1mil. total posts.

Fourth group

Bear with me, there are only a few more. The 4th group should contain 5 general hashtags, of course, related to your activity.

Fifth group

For the 5th group, I recommend using 3-5 hashtags related to your post, 

Sixth group

And finally, the 6th group shall comprise 5 laser-targeted hashtags closely related to your niche.


Now you might question yourself – Why and How this strategy works! Bear with me again I’ll gladly explain! 

Group one comprises smaller hashtags which are really easy to rank in. If you successfully get ranked in the first group you could acquire more exposure and increased amount of engagement. 

With that said, let’s assume that if the acquisition of engagement and exposure we spoke about above happens, you will be able to rank for bigger hashtags that are found in group 2. That would consequently allow you to rank for even bigger hashtags in the 3rd group. Now, I sincerely believe you may conduct a successfully educated guess of what that will lead to or what is the next step in the journey :). 

In this particular strategy, the most important group is the first one since it consists of smaller hashtags in which your Instagram account has a higher chance of ranking. 

That being said, if for example, on average your Instagram posts are having in between (remember it is just an example do not take the numbers seriously) 50 – 100 engagements, you would want the first group to contain hashtags that have average engagements on their top post’s similar to yours so you can rank in successfully.


So let’s say for example that you are using the  #businessanalytics hashtag. This specific hashtag currently has a total post numbering of 35k and perfectly fits in the first group of hashtags from your Skyscraper strategy. 

Furthermore, this specific hashtag ( #businessanalytics ) has on average 150 engagements on its top 9 best-performing posts. This means that for the sake of the successful ranking of your post for this particular hashtag, the post must perform similar engagement to the top 9 best-performing ones for the particular hashtag.


Please, be wary that if you already own an established Instagram account with a decent amount of followers and engagement, you would want to use a different total post range for each of the Skyscraper strategy groups. The example I’ve shown is relevant, targeted, and useful for smaller or completely new IG accounts.

What are your thoughts about the strategy? Do you find it useful or perhaps any questions?

About the author

Mihail Velev – is a marketing strategy consultant for Midas Marketing Group Bulgaria. Currently, he is a BA marketing student in New Bulgarian University. He is highly interested in digital marketing and business development.


Mihail Velev

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