Improving Social Media Engagement – 7 Most Effective Tactics

September 16, 2021
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Increasing social media engagement is at the top of most brands’, marketers’, and influencers’ to-do lists; after all, you can’t have too many followers.

But it’s not just a number. Your business reaches many potential new clients by increasing engagement, which helps brand awareness.

We’d all have millions of followers if social networking was simple; however, engagement is a difficult task. It requires time, effort, and a thorough knowledge of what genuine engagement entails.

This article will help you take your social media engagement to the next level. Whether you’re a social media newbie or a pro, you’ll find what you need here; let’s get started.

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What Does the Term “Social Media Engagement” Mean?

The number of comments, likes, and shares your content receives on a social media channel is referred to as social media engagement.

So, how does this work in practice? Here are some examples of how engagement looks on various social media platforms:

  • Video likes on YouTube
  • Instagram comments
  • Facebook posts that have been shared
  • Twitter retweets

Consider an engagement to be something for which you would receive a phone notification. It may be a retweet, a follow, a message, a comment, a DM, a friend request, or any other dopamine-inducing social connection.

As a brand, it is (or should be) your goal to increase the number of online interactions.

How to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Whether you’re a small freelancer or an eCommerce behemoth, social media engagement is critical. Social media is the most effective method to interact with your audience in real-time and build better connections within your niche.

People are more likely to convert after getting to know your business, which could mean making a purchase, testing out your services, or signing up for your email newsletter. You may use social media to come closer to your customers and increase brand loyalty.

So, how do you go about growing your social media engagement? Do you simply publish content and hope for the best? 

Well, it’s more complicated than that.

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1. Track your social media engagement numbers across all platforms.

You need to know what your engagement rate is before you can enhance it. As we mentioned initially, it helps you figure out how much your audience engages with your posts and how often people connect with you online.

Built-in tools on platforms like Twitter and Instagram can also help you figure out your engagement rate. Almost every social networking platform offers an analytics section, and if it doesn’t, you may use one third-party application.

2. Make a fresh approach to social media engagement.

It’s time to develop a new digital marketing plan if your engagement isn’t where you want it to be. It’s critical to come up with clear goals and KPIs for your strategy as you design it.

Come up with exact numbers because the best goals are measurable. Your objective could be gaining a certain number of new followers per month or retweeting a specific amount of relevant content.

It’s not only about setting a goal about X number of new followers. What method are you planning to use to get them? By interacting with others more? By using hashtags that are currently trending? By replying to every user that mentions your niche on Twitter?

Remember that your social media strategy and your content marketing plan are intertwined. Sharing relevant information that your followers want to connect with is a terrific strategy to expand your social media following.

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Check your analytics to discover which material generates the most engagement from your target audience and focus your efforts there recreating such content for future posts.

3. Be More Involved with your Community

The simplest method to increase your engagement is to engage more on social media networks. Respond to comments, DMs, follow brands in your niche, and ‘Like’ relevant articles and images; don’t just use it to promote or execute marketing campaigns.

It’s a two-way communication when it comes to social media. It hurts a company or a person to ignore their audience and utilize social media only to promote their product or service. It just does not work. People now expect brand accounts on social media to reply to them.

Customers can be converted into promoters by engaging with them on social media.

One amusing or helpful conversation can turn them into lifelong customers; thus, every interaction matters, no matter how innocuous it appears.

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Brands should make it a point to reply to comments on their Instagram photos constantly, whether it’s by addressing complaints or simply dropping a heart eyes emoji when customers praise the brand’s product.

This gives the brand a more personal and approachable sense. And, as a brand strengthens client relationships, this commitment to social media engagement will likely result in a more engaged, devoted customer base that spreads the word about their business.

4. Content should be cross-promoted across platforms.

Cross-promote your content to different various social media channels to boost engagement across the board. Promoting your material in as many networks as possible can help you reach more people.

Cross-promoting is not the same as cross-posting. The latter means sharing the same social media post across several networks. When you cross-promote, on the other hand, you’re putting in more effort to get people to follow you on other social media sites.

Add links to your other social media profiles so that your followers may follow you wherever you post. This is a simple yet effective approach to cross-promote. For example, in the description of your YouTube videos, include a link to your Instagram account, or have the URL of your Pinterest profile in your Instagram bio. 

There are also helpful programs, such as Link.tree, that allow you to construct a link hub for all of your numerous accounts. People who click are taken to a landing page where all of your social media channels are organized. 

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New posts can also be cross-promoted. Share your most recent YouTube video on Facebook with a brief description of why people should watch it, or inform your Twitter followers that you’ll be doing an Instagram live video at a specific time.

Remember to adjust your tone for various platforms. You shouldn’t post the same thing on Twitter as you would on Facebook or Instagram. To achieve optimal interaction, match your brand voice to the platform you’re using.

5. Run Contests And Giveaways

Giveaways and contests are excellent methods to increase engagement. When you organize a social media giveaway, you’ll typically encourage your followers to participate in some way, such as liking a post, tagging a friend, or following your page.

It’s a simple method to boost interactions with your accounts. By offering your audience anything in exchange for completing a call to action, you’re effectively building some rapport with them. 

It’s a generous gesture on the company’s part that helps brand awareness. Giveaways and contests are a terrific approach to increase social media traffic, engagement and result in many new followers.

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6. Post Frequently

To keep your engagement high, frequently post across all of your platforms. It’s not enough to have a burst of creativity, post some memes on Twitter, and then disappear for a month. You’ll need to stick to a routine.

Consistency allows you to stay on top of your followers’ minds. It also aids the algorithms on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in finding and favoring your material, resulting in more people seeing your posts (and potential followers). Use marketing software if you’re having problems keeping up with your posts. 

The use of automation technologies reduces the amount of time it takes to publish on social media. That way, you can set aside time to schedule a batch of posts and free up time to interact with people daily.

7. Keep your Instagram feed visually consistent.

Instagram encourages visually appealing content. Users today are drawn to genuine expression and a variety of viewpoints.

The use of candid photographs, earthy tones, and a low-key editing technique has replaced high-saturation filters and perfectly positioned avocado toasts.

Reducing highlights and increasing brightness without changing the colors is a popular aesthetic, resulting in a natural look. However, having a visually consistent feed is more crucial than adhering to any particular editing style.

Your feed should be consistent with your business identity and appealing to the target audience so that the audience can recognize your brand.

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The Takeaway

Improving your social media engagement can help your company develop quickly. Even if you don’t want to acquire a large following, social media is crucial for your brand’s identity. It provides a valuable opportunity to interact with your consumers.

It doesn’t have to be challenging. Create a social media presence that appropriately portrays your brand by posting relevant content regularly, interacting with customers, and posting relevant content. 

If you accomplish this, you’ll be on the right track, and all you have to do now is keep going.

Set quantifiable goals and commit to achieving them. It’ll take a while, but with the right social media tools and methods in place, you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

About the author

Alex works at Moosend as a content writer. He took a chance and moved from his professional architectural career to the field of digital marketing, and hasn’t looked back. He enjoys traveling to new areas throughout the world in his spare time.

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