Video Increases Customer Engagement – This is How

September 2, 2021

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The key to customer engagement is to never sell your product or service directly since a sales pitch is always a huge bummer and turns away customers. 

Instead, weave a story related to your offering. Ensure that your target audience rides on the emotion of your story and takes the desired action. And what better way to do that than a video, which checks all the current trends and is in sync with your target audience.

As per a study conducted by Wyzowl, 83% of marketers confirmed that due to video marketing the average time a visitor spent on their page has gone up. 84% also said that the use of video helped them generate leads. Isn’t this a clear indication of solid customer engagement? 

Camera recording a man

Now, this is what marketers feel about the use of videos, Wyzowl also spoke to customers and discovered that 84% of consumers make their final decision to buy a product or a service as a direct result of watching a video.

With these statistics backing our statements, we present the top 5 ways to use video content to build customer loyalty and increase customer engagement. 

Videos are a sure way to hook your target audience

Humans have short attention spans. Hence, the probability of marketing videos holding a viewer’s attention faster and longer than textual content or images is a lot higher. 

Statistics suggest that the probability of a viewer hitting a video button is 27 times higher than a static image. 

According to McQuivey’s Forrester’s popular study, ‘How Video Will Take Over The World’, a video is exactly worth 1.8 million words. Hence, the human brain is not just attracted to videos, but it also retains these visuals. 

For Example, Slack, a popular business communication platform, started a video campaign called – ‘ So, Yeah, We Tried Slack…’ The video team at Slack conceptualized and executed this video in an extremely humorous way. The video shows the internal team at Slack talking about the features and benefits of using the tool.

a Team of people

The result? On just YouTube, the video has got over 10 hundred thousand views and 3.8k likes. So, the next time you struggle with higher bounce rates, don’t forget to turn to video for rescue.

Videos have a greater retention impact than any other form of content

Hasn’t this happened to all of us at least once when we have read an entire page of text and then were forced to re-read it since we either lost focus or have forgotten it? 

This situation is called regression and happens generally while reading text. However, studies have proven that, when a human brain views a video, it retains 95% of a message as against 10% retention while reading.

The human brain processes visuals better than text

The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than textual content. This clearly implies that the amount of content you can pack into a video will be better retained by your target audience when compared to textual or static content. 

Studies have also reported that 65% of people are visual learners. Hence, for any brand, it would make complete sense to speak to your audience via a video rather than textual or static content.

A man shooting a video

Videos help in narrating gripping stories

Videos are by far one of the easiest mediums to connect with your target audience. They spark an emotion in them that would push them to take a specific action. As per a report by HubSpot, 81% of viewers are more probable to take any action in favor of a brand after viewing a video. 

People these days don’t want to hear those tried and tested brand values. They want to hear stories of real brands, and real people. Stories that seem relatable. And, what can be a better way to tell your story than recording a video where you actually converse with the audience rather than leaving them alone to read a few paragraphs?

Volvo is one of the most popular truck manufacturers in the world. Their ‘The Epic Split’ video campaign displayed Volvo’s features with such panache that you will definitely end up watching the video again.


The Volvo team also brought the globally renowned martial artist, actor, and filmmaker, Jean-Claude Van Damme on board just to create a greater impact. The result? The video on YouTube has over 100 million views. These are the numbers that this campaign gained from one single platform. You can only imagine its reach on all the platforms combined.

We hope that helped

The impact that videos have on the target audience is undeniable. Not to mention statistically proven over and over again. Wondering how to get started? Well, how about figuring out your ideal customer profile? 

  • Constantly keep fine-tuning your customer avatar.
  • Keep experimenting with various video campaigns. 
  • Keep a record of the results of the campaign. 
  • Tweak your strategy as per the results. 

Follow these four steps and ace your video marketing to increase customer engagement.

About the author

Currently working with StoryXpress, Suchita has been helping B2B brands with content marketing for over three years. She loves penning down complex concepts in a way that doesn’t make readers scratch their heads.

Wichita Chopra

Suchita Chopra

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