How to win the Social Media game in 2020?

January 28, 2020
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There is no question:

having a Social Media presence for your business is a must! It has become the best place to meet your potential customers. If you are ready to play the game like an expert this year, there are a few things you need to know. We’re not talking about technicalities, tricks, tools, and apps to use. These are everywhere on the internet, only one tap away. Let’s start with some principles and trends that we believe will be the next big thing.

Remember your first use of a social platform? 

It was all about connecting with your friends and family. Keeping in touch and feeling that you can always be together, even though there’s a big distance between you. Now, when there is so much room for business in the Social Media environment, we can connect not only with the ones close to our hearts, but also with our favorite brands. 

This should be on the top of the To-Do list of brands in 2020! Create a meaningful connection with their customers. Be truly engaged and attract their audience to ask, comment, like, be present and connected with them, their products and services. 

Your audience will love it when they have the chance to see and learn more about the people behind the cool pictures on Social Media, when they notice the human side of the business and they end up being friends with their favorite brands. Do the work, be sincere and make your customer your closest neighbor that has seen your flaws and still likes you. 

Authenticity is key to building a strong personal brand! 

Think about your online behavior for a while. Aren’t you bored by the same old message over the internet? “I have the perfect product for you” or “You’ll never find anything like this”. How about the eye-candy messages that find you bewitched with the personality of a person or how good a product/service is?

Have you noticed how these charming messages are so different? These are the brands that are authentic in their marketing process. You like, interact and engage with these businesses because you share their vision, they speak your language and it is not an endless string of “Buy my product”. Most importantly, when you consider buying, you will most certainly choose one of these brands. 

In 2020, you should spread authenticity, courageous ideas, empathy with your customers. Create the personalized experience that most of your active customers would enjoy. Get to know them and let THEM know who YOU are.

Your company is just as good as your people! 

 You already know that and that’s why you always try to find the most talented and skilled employees for your company. As long as they grow and improve their knowledge, the company will follow and the results will be visible.

 People look for ethics and good leadership at work, which are very important and quite rare, so you should be proud to have these moral values centered around your work. That’s why you should also show it through Social Media and empower your employees to do it too. 

Encourage them to reveal what your company’s environment looks and feels like. Who else is going to be a better brand ambassador for your company than your most advocate and hard-working team members?

Bring Social Media to their attention this year and make it their playground. Once people have tools, inspiration, and freedom to explore, the most amazing ideas will appear undoubtedly. 

Transform data into powerful conclusions! 

Numbers, graphs, KPIs and analytics. You may not be a big fan of data and you may find the work of decoding numbers into words extremely boring, but every smart marketer needs to understand data’s meaning and power for a business.

How are you going to measure the quality of your projects? Or the impact of your ideas and evolution over time? It’s very important to keep track of your work.


Every Social Media platform provides analytics tools to help you improve and get better results.

This year, try to actively listen to those numbers and test every recommendation to see what happens and find the next opportunity for your brand. 

Set your goals, follow the right parameters and do your best to see the numbers grow. Analytics can be your best friend this year if you understand how to read it.

So, we are excited to see amazing and creative ideas brought to life in Social Media this year. Keep it natural, authentic and create stronger bonds with your audience. Replace the “buy me” message with a powerful story and the results will come for sure. Different and honest will always win the game. 

About the author

This article was created by Danco Vision Interactive a 360° Digital Marketing Agency based in Bucharest, Romania. With 14 years of experience, they manage to offer full web development services, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content&Video Marketing and many more integrated services.

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