How to use Social Media Storytelling to increase customer engagement?

September 16, 2020

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How many posts do your customers see on their news feeds every day? 

They scroll through tens or even hundreds of posts but pay attention just to a few of them.

So if you want to grab your audience’s attention, you should make your posts stand out. You should use storytelling to create authentic content and connect with your customers on a deeper emotional level.

Do you want to know how to leverage storytelling the right way? Here are some handy tips for you.


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Write about how you started your brand

Whether you started a business two weeks ago or twenty years ago, your brand has a story. And this story is worth sharing on social media.

What has inspired you to create a brand? Who was your first customer? What challenges have you faced while building your brand?

Answer these questions in the form of a story, and you will engage your customers. Social media users are curious about such things, so you can be sure that they will read your post with great interest.




Make your customer the main character of your story

If you want your customers to enjoy your story, you should make them a part of your story.

Think about your customers. Who are they? Where they live? What challenges are they currently facing? How can your product help them solve these challenges?

Answer these questions, and it will be easy for you to write a narrative that will resonate with your customers.


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Here is a simple illustrative example of how you can build a story:

Melanie from city X has faced a problem: she can’t find affordable sugar-free treats for her child. She has visited ten supermarkets but bought nothing. The desserts she has seen were or too expensive or bad in quality. 

Melanie feels frustrated. She is a caring mom, and she really wants to reduce sugar in her child’s diet, but she doesn’t want to spend her money on overpriced treats in fancy packaging. 

Luckily, Melanie has discussed this problem with her friend Natalie, who has recommended her to use the ABC service that delivers affordable, good-quality sugar-free desserts. 

Melanie is happy now: she has found a solution that will help her family stick to a healthy diet.

Write about your employees

Are you proud of your employees and their professional achievements? If so, don’t hesitate to share their stories on social media.

Write a few posts about your key employees. Explain their roles within your company and how they contribute to the team’s success. Show that you value your team members and that you help them achieve their career goals.

Justin McMillan, writer and editor at TopEssayWriting, says, “Your customers want to know who stands behind your brand. So if you use storytelling to present your team, your customers will not scroll past your post.”


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Share stories of the companies and people you collaborate with

Your company doesn’t exist in a vacuum, right? In one way or another, you partner with other businesses, local organizations, charities, bloggers, and other experts in your niche. If you want to get the most of social media storytelling, you can write about organizations or people you collaborate with.

Let’s say you donate a portion of your sales commissions to charity. You can write a story about the charity organization you support. It will allow you to create a positive image on social media and increase customer engagement.

Inspire your customers to share their stories

Do you want to get more user-generated content? Encourage your customers to share their stories, and they will create remarkable content for you.

People love not only to listen to the stories but also to tell stories. So if you ask your customers to “share their stories of using your product” instead of asking them “to write a product review”, they will more likely agree to help you.

Be open and honest

Do you want people to believe in your story? Be honest. Don’t exaggerate facts or speak lies. Tell your stories the way they are – it will help you build trust and achieve long-term success.


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People love real stories more than fiction. So don’t try to make your story perfect. Be sincere, and your audience will appreciate that. Your efforts will be rewarded with a high level of engagement.

It’s time to master the art of storytelling

Competition between content creators will get more and more intense in the next few years, and you should get ready for that.

You should learn how to write great stories that engage the audience to stay on top. 

The best time to start using social media storytelling is right now. Try to create your first story today to achieve success in the long run.

About the author

Donald Fomby works as a social media marketer and a proffesional writer. He is a blogger behind writing sites  GrabMyEssay and TrustMyPaper. Donald knows how to use storytelling to create content that goes viral on the web.

Donald Fomby

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