How to prepare the conception of an efficient website

May 12, 2020
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The question may sound naive, but you will see that the creation of an efficient website is a lot of preparation.

Most web projects are new stores or showcase sites, however they are both online businesses. And like any self-respecting business, a website needs several elements:

Planning is the key to a successful website launch:

The design of a website, its content, architecture and SEO is prepared well in advance of the design of the site.

At first, it is important to put it all down on paper:

  • Draw the design you want by taking inspiration from already created sites or by using your imagination (and don’t forget the mobile version). What you can do is to make patterns of the different parts of your site that you will join together on a large blank sheet of paper.
  • Write down the architecture of your site quickly (the site map) in order to establish an efficient mesh of your site. What will look like a family tree that will have as its root the home page of your site, imagine yourself browsing your site… and if you think it’s complicated, it most certainly is.

  • Think about giving your visitors the opportunity to interact with you or your company, to learn more about your business. You can program a Chatbot, a corporate page, or a FAQ about your business.
  • Think about the balanced integration of animations and text content to make your site attractive. You can search on image sites for different illustrations and animations that you can place in your site. Download them and think about renaming them (useful for image referencing).
  • Write your texts in advance thinking about your keywords.

  • Integrate keywords throughout your texts on your site, sites such as can be very useful to help you. Prefer one page per domain. (Useful for content referencing)
  • Match your sites to your real graphic charter. Let’s imagine that you sell shoes and that the color of your store is red… Now one of your loyal customers is going on holiday but wants to buy a pair of shoes via your website. If your website is blue, she will wonder if she made a mistake, which can be confusing. That’s why everything must be clear and correspond to your existing image.

  • Think about setting up a newsletter system with a call to action button (avoid pop-ups, nobody likes pop-ups) you will get the emails of your customers and new prospects.

You will see the fact of preparing all this, whether you are autonomous, or you go through an agency, it will greatly speed up the final design of your site.

If you have as a plan of an e-shop think of gathering also a small description of each product.

Once you’ve done all this, you’ve done 80% of the work, all that’s left to do is to go to your creative platform or your digital communication agency.

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This Article was created by Morgan Communication digital agency which operates in Website design, SEO, and web-marketing strategy