How to Optimize Your Landing Page

January 15, 2021
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Creating a sales landing page isn’t really as difficult as it may seem. It needs a practice or a good guide that will guide you step by step through the process and avoid the classic marathon of useless words and phrases that don’t make sense to you. With this template, everyone can create a sales page.

Where to start?

Do you have a product that is close to your heart?

A service that can improve the lives of many people for the better?

Don’t be discouraged, even a seeming trifle such as shoe spray can suddenly turn your life for the better. Really.

In short, you have something you want to offer people and you want a lot of people to buy it. If you go online with such a product / service, then you will be interested in what an ideal sales page should look like.

Should it be short or long?

Comprehensive in text or full of pictures?

Should it  play on emotions or be build on hard facts?

You are not the first to ask this question. Keep calm. A seemingly unsolvable problem can actually be solved quite smoothly. The template below can be proven over ten years of marketing experience. It never disappointed. And it won’t disappoint you either.

Ready? Let’s go!

Your ideal sales landing page step by step

The promise

Can you promise your clients something? What happens if they buy your product / service?

Remember that a lie has short legs. Use the title to define the main TRUE benefit of the service / product:

  • Increase ROI by 200 %
  • Harness the power of Facebook ads
  • Learn how to run correctly
  • End the back pain today
  • Work from the beach 

Tell the reader with due emphasis, force and color. Get excited and put emotions into it – that sells. But be careful, don’t “overpromise and underdeliver“! There is nothing worse than promising sunshines and rainbows when a product or service is far from ideal. This combo tends to create a lot of problems.

Problem vs. Solution

In the pretext, sketch the reader’s affliction in dark colors. Show him that there is a solution and he is not alone in it, they are others:

  • I have been overweight…I’m not anymore.
  • They couldn’t find a they are in managerial positions.
  • Couldn’t sell products…now they are international corporation.

You will alleviate his suffering, and if he identifies with the problem with the statement “yeah yeah, I’m solving it exactly”, it’s all taken care of. He will want to know more. After all, you are living proof that it works!

Be exact about the results

You may or may not make the reader dream. What would it be like if it were already there. Well, imagine what it would be like….

  • …if your ROI would tripled.
  • …if your dog would live healthy live.
  • …if you could vacation wherever you like.

I don’t use it personally, because it seems manipulative to me, but there is no judgement. So give it a try and see how it works for your customers.

Evidence and explanation

What is the service / product good for? How it is used, what it helps with and what are the demonstrable results, benefits or benefits. Prove it in the words of buyers.

What exactly can the service / product do – list of functions, buttons etc. But beware, avoid tiring long descriptions!

If you want to be especially relentless, point out life with and without your product. As an example, one Oncology Institute in Czech Republic has a similar approach to preventive examinations.

  • Preventive examination costs a lot, but cancer treatment costs much more together with months of pain and fear

What would you compare your product/service with? 

Customer wants to know the product, but also you!


Introduce yourself. But be careful – only communicate the information that is important to your customer. Encourage visitors to the event – sale (registration, download, etc.). Don’t forget the nice buttons, order forms and thank you pages.

Call to action

Buttonso-called CTA or Call to action. Pay more attention to it than you consider important! Because CTA is really important. The more important it is, the more people forget about it.

The form

Who? What? Pin? What?

Thank you page

… because “thank you” is still a very important word in business.


If you are able to guarantee a return or other compensation to the annoying buyer, this is the right place. Again, the old acquaintances – promise what you can fulfill. By using small letters below the line you can do more damage than good. So what can you really guarantee when a problem occurs?


If your offer is limited in time or quantity, let the customer know.

  • From 21. – 29. 4. 2021
  • In the day of your birthday
  • Video bonuses are free only until midnight


A good photo usually says more than a mountain of text. Therefore, do not be afraid to invest in quality product photos. This is a good investment that will pay you back.

A short story is a good story

Remember that the sales page is not just a matter of your taste, but above all, the taste of your customers. It is a good idea to create two versions of the sales page and test out which is more successful.

And remember, not everything you think is important, is really important. Once you’ve completed your sales page, go through it word by word and keep asking yourself the same question:

“Is this information helpful? Isn’t there more? ” You’ll be amazed at how many unnecessary words you can crop out of the page.

I wish you good luck (not only) with sales pages!

About the author

The author of this enlightening post is Jana Eckhardtová, the founder of the agency Malá Marketingová. She optimizes the marketing communication of small and medium-sized companies, from the creation of marketing plans to the final implementation of complete marketing activities.

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