This is how you get the most out of Instagram

January 9, 2020
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Instagram continues at a high pace with continuously launching new features to the app – just from being able to follow hashtags for sharing a post to multiple Instagram accounts to the new countdown stickers in the Stories, which can be used for the promotion of events, sales buzz or a new product launch. These initiatives are just some of the recent updates that have been developed.

Therefore, if you are a social media manager, you will also constantly need to change your tactics to your existing Instagram marketing strategy in order to take advantage of the visual media platform’s capabilities so you can reach existing and new followers with your products and services to convert your efforts into sales.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms ever, and with 800 million active accounts, it is a huge advertising opportunity for brands. Users are present in all age groups, and there is growth and constant development in the channel. In Denmark, the latest figures show that the proportion of those using Instagram on a daily basis has increased from 18 per cent in 2017 to 24 percent in 2018.

A figure that must be assumed will continue to rise. But what is far more interesting is that users not only follow their friends to get a good laugh or be entertained by the Kardashians, but just as much they tend to use the visual platform to seek inspiration for fashion, accommodation, travel or the latest DIY hack. This is supported by a study showing that at least 80 per cent of users follow at least one Instagram brand.

2020 will be the year in which your Instagram business profile is as important as your website. The figures show that more and more users are looking for brands on Instagram before they search on Google. So just as you probably booked a professional photographer to take your latest product photos on your company’s website and got a copywriter to write eye-catching text, you now need to put the same resource efforts into the content you publish on your Instagram company profile if you are to succeed with a successful 2019 Instagram marketing strategy.

On Instagram, it is the brands that tell the most interesting and relevant stories that build the largest audience. Instagram calls itself a visual inspiration platform, and the best way to inspire others is through visual history. It is therefore about developing a strong brand presence, where, through microstories, you create presence and credibility and tell a story that links to your brand’s values, mission and purpose, ensuring good, consistent visual storytelling that manages to cut through all the mediocre content that is also shared daily on Instagram.

If you want to capture consumer attention and build a strong online audience excited to hear from you, you need to be creative in the way you tell your story. On Instagram, it’s easy to display a product or service in a way that doesn’t seem forced, but at the same time creates positive emotions about the brand. That being said, it is of course important that you do not inundate your message with aggressive sales messages or that every item is a product promotion, as it will have the consequences of followers unfollowing you — instantly! Instead, mix your content on your Instagram profile to create good, consistent and engaging visual storytelling.

Below are ways various brands have succeeded in creating a successful Instagram profile using different content to communicate a tactical message.

1. Share the content your target group wants to see

It may seem a little too obvious, but often companies on social media forget to think why you, as a customer, want to follow a brand. So, if you want to achieve audience success and engage your core target group, post the content they want to see from you as they scroll through their feed.

Of course, to know what engages your audience, you must of course have this target group insight. For example, you can find out what else your target audience follows and likes. As soon as you have that, then you can create quality content that they want to see. Here is a cool example with 3D effects in the posts …

2. Include a CTA in your caption

It’s always good to include a call to action in any type of marketing content to guide your audience on what action you would like them to take, and of course your Instagram post as well, as an inclusive call to action will encourage engagement and interaction with your followers. You can do it in a myriad of ways – here is just one example …

3. Include ‘shoppable’ links in your posts

In 2018, retailers got a new traffic driver on Instagram. It was not the clickable URLs that were suddenly inserted under your image post, but Shopify’s integration of a shopping feature in the Instagram app. You’ve probably already seen the feature in your feed, where the shopping feature lets users who have a web shop on the Shopify platform tag their products in a picture and note the product’s name and price in a small, elegant shopping icon.

With a few clicks you can now buy the product on Instagram without having to leave the app. This is smartly thought of by Instagram, as it allows them to convert traffic within the app and at the same time creates a channel that can potentially generate huge sales for retailers.

4. Tell engaging stories with your content

I love the Instagram-aesthetics on Konges Sløjd. There is a general consistency when you scroll down through their feed. The images burst into life and create presence and credibility, which are the cornerstones of good content. The images are of high quality, as both the editing and lighting of each image play together with the overall storytelling.

So, there is a continuous and uniform image style, while each item tells a micro-history — small children like to hear stories, adults like to hear stories — and Konges Sløjd manages in the finest way to tell a story about being a quality conscious universe for both mothers and children. It is a powerful narrative, and it is not without good reason, that they have become an Instagram-darling and the founder Emilie Konge has created a million-kroner business on the sale of products through its presence on Instagram.

If your company isn’t already generating traffic from Instagram, it’s time to do things differently than you did yesterday.