How to Increase Your Sales on Instagram as a Business

December 15, 2022

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Selling on Instagram is a trend for businesses, considering that it’s a virtual platform with over 1 billion active users.

The competition to convert more target audiences to sales is fierce and businesses are thinking outside the box on how to get the best out of InstagramAre you one of those businesses dreaming of how to grow from making a sale per week to making multiple sales per day?

This guide is for you because you’ll learn 5 simple approaches to make that happen in no distant time.

Why do businesses sell on Instagram?

Businesses sell their products on Instagram because as a virtual platform, it’s easy for the target audience to remember what they saw. And that builds your brand in the minds of your buyer persona.

Let’s assume that you sell ladies’ jewelry.

Sharing a video or a photo of a lady wearing it is the best way to get your target customer to envisage how it will be on them if they buy it.

Another is that social media has become a discovery channel for new brands.

A survey has it that 1 in 2 people use Instagram to discover brands, products, and services before making purchases.

Let’s dive into 5 ways to boost your sales on Instagram.

1. Grow your audience with quality content

Quality content is a glue that can make your audience stick to your business. They want to solve their problems, and it’s your content that will convince them that your product is a solution at sight.

But before you grow your audience, you need a good number of followers. This is where some businesses find it hard.

A way out could be getting ethically built Instagram accounts from platforms like SocialTradia. Then you can start posting quality content in the form of videos, photos, infographics, etc.

A business in the skincare niche can make videos showing how ladies can make their skin glow naturally without bleaching agents.

As for images, Jumpstory is there for you. Search and download free images with no copyright issues and post them on Instagram.

Better still, use photo editing tools to create illustrations with photos, showing the value your product offers.

2. Optimize your landing page

It doesn’t end with adding a link to your landing page in your bio. Optimizing it creates a good user experience, which entices a lead to convert to sales.

It makes no sense to drive an Instagram audience to your landing page only for them to hit the exit button even before seeing what you have for them.

Take the following steps to optimize your Instagram landing page:

Create an exit intent pop-up – that appears on the landing page with special offers when a visitor is about to leave. The idea is to exchange a freebie for their email address.

Add social proof notifications – to show that people buy your products. This can prompt them to take action for the fear of missing out.

Modern landing page builders can be of great help when it comes to designing an efficient landing page. With SendPulse, for example, you can build a landing page, optimize it with a subscription form, integrate a payment system, or even add a chatbot subscription widget in case your customer has any questions.

3.  Leverage Instagram stories

According to a survey, 58% of Instagram users have an interest in a brand after seeing them on IG stories. So you would be denying your target audience the opportunity to check out what you offer if you don’t leverage IG stories.

Going about it is simple. Use Instagram video maker from Animaker to create a video demonstrating how your products solve the problems of your target audience. Then add a call to action at the end to prompt them to click and check out your products.

4. Post customer reviews

Reviews work like a charm, especially on potential customers who are skeptical about your product as a result of previous bad experiences. And a survey has it that 68% of customers patronize businesses because of positive reviews.

While Instagram doesn’t have a feature to collect reviews, you can develop a strategy to collect and post them.

In fact, some satisfied customers out of excitement can do that voluntarily in the comments of your post and even tag you.

Enable your notification to monitor this, take screenshots, post them as IG stories, and add them to your highlight album. That way, your target audience can easily see it under your profile.

5. Try ads

Running ads on Instagram is a fast way to boost your sales. It means you want to leverage a set of the target audience who Instagram assumes based on their behavior will have interest in your products.

While this could be a tall order for businesses with no ad budget, the ones with a financial war chest don’t mind. This is because the result is worth it, especially if the strategy is on point.

Instagram stories ads happen to be a trend for businesses because according to a study, IG generates a quarter of its ad revenue from story ads. It’s expected to bring $16b in global net revenue in 2022.

This suggests that businesses are getting better results from it. And means you should focus more on Instagram stories ads if you want to give ads a try.

Final thought

Moving from making single to multiple sales per day is possible on Instagram. All it takes is the right approach that can move the needle.

I have shown you 5 of them in this guide – grow your audience with quality content, optimize your landing page, leverage IG stories, post reviews, and try ads.

It’s now up to you to overhaul your sales strategy on IG, drop the ones that aren’t working, and start implementing those that will skyrocket your sales.

About the author

Chuks Chukwuemeka is a freelance SEO content writer & strategist who helps SaaS brands boost their rankings on search engines. He’s the founder of Depreneurdigest, a marketing blog, and loves learning new things about SEO. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Chuks Chukwuemeka

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