How to Create Buzz on Social Media?

April 22, 2020

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I used to be that person who said that Social Media was impractical, with no real use. I was sure that nobody wants to see my morning breakfast or any of my new outfits and I was pretty sure that nobody wants to see my cat acting weird. Oh – I couldn’t have been more wrong!

People do want to see those things, and people love seeing cats acting weird or ideas of a healthy breakfast and for sure they want to see the newest outfits. It’s all about the message that you deliver. People love to be part of your social media life. They want happiness, enthusiasm, and communication.

Social Media is all about joy, humanity and socializing.

We are humans and we all love socializing! Let’s have a coffee, maybe let’s meet in the park or let’s go to the pub – all of this are invitations of socializing. By acting social we grow ourselves, we relax and we are happier. This is how Social Media makes it fun. With one little click we are interconnected, and we love that!

By using comments, reviews, and feedback we entertain each other and let ourselves experience a range of feelings. Laughing or crying can be as genuine as in real life. Our primary need to socialize is fulfilled. But, if everybody wants to be part of my personal social media life, I wonder if anyone is interested in seeing my new product, my campaign, or my best sell service?

Yes, they are! They want you and your products. If you narrate your story well they will love your brand. Socializing is about storytelling in a creative way. And business networking is about telling stories with purpose – sales stories! A lot of entrepreneurs are saying that a strong marketing strategy in Social Media can be a real success. By talking directly with the audience the profit increases and the awareness of the brand is highly rated.

But with all this sometimes managing a social media platform can become frustrating.

Online platforms, even if they look user-friendly, they are not! Sometimes it can transform into quantum physics – because when you put business into personal, the story tends to be formal and cold. You need to learn how to create a personal and emphatic brand story.

Social Media Marketing is the most valuable tool that your business could have. By being online you create a comfort zone for your audience and by doing that they will trust, love and follow you. They want to dream about your next products! You create this by bringing in emotions and transformation. “After all selling is essentially a transfer of feelings!” – Zig Ziglar.

Spoiler Alert – Social Media Is Free!

Social Media is the best and is free of use! You write a text, choose an image and that’s all folks. You are online. Do it! Post it – consistently. If you are a start-up and you don’t have a budget to invest in Marketing, Social Media platforms are free of charge. Stay active, by posting every day, twice a day, and even during the night. It doesn’t matter. All you have to do is to post constantly.

The important thing is to have interactive, relevant, and visually qualitative content!

Copywriting for Social Media platforms is essential. When you have good copy you can make a difference on each platform. When posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube, you need to have an empathic, valuable, and artistic message.

Your customers, your audience, and especially your competition, want to hear your story. They are excited to learn about you better. You must say the story that creates your brand!

Keep in mind – Social Media is about socializing, bonding, and transformation.

Make your Social Media plan focusing on these three pillars:


If you want your clients to engage with you, you need to embrace the human need for communication. By doing this they will share your story and follow you.

Tips: Create Thank You posts for your clients. Show them your appreciation!


Connect with your audience by posting welcoming, empathic, and warm content. You need to empathize with your readers. They want to know that they are important to you and that their needs are at the core of your business.

Tips: Create pieces of advice posts for them.


Remember that whatever you’re selling, whether it’s a home study program, a book, your consulting services, or anything at all, what people are buying is not the stuff they receive it’s the transformation they dream of.

Now that you have your Social Media blueprint, there are a few extra steps to follow:

  1. Be creative! Don’t use the same content on different platforms.
  2. Choose warm, chill, and cozy pictures.
  3. Write short, easy, and relevant copy.
  4. Be aware of the consistency of your posts.
  5. Speak the language of your audience.

Every Social Media platform has different needs and you have to deliver them precisely.


  • The best platform for adults.
  • Best 55+ audiences.
  • Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement.
  • Visual Posting for a better audience.
  • At least one post per day.
  • The copy of the post should be understandable by a 12-year-old child.


  • A platform for teenagers and young adults.
  • A platform for sharing photos and videos.
  • The first three lines with text.
  • 30 # maximum.
  • At least 5 Instagram Stories per day.
  • The copy of the post should be understandable by a 12-year-old child.


  • B2B – business to business audience.
  • A complex and suitable platform for business.
  • Online Business Identity – CV.
  • The copy of the post should be understandable by a 17-year-old child.

It’s all about human connection.

There is enough room on Social Media for everyone and everything. Don’t forget to pay close
attention to your customer’s needs. With one post you can sell to one million people. Be
consistent and embrace the practicality of Social Media – a marketplace without boundaries.

About the author

this article was created by Vlad Cristea – Digital Marketing Wizard and founder of Brandion – a digital marketing and branding agency based in Romania. Besides reaching his client’s objectives, Vlad is also focused on teaching Romanian entrepreneurs and freelancers how to get more clients via the Brandion Academy e-learning platform.

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