How to Create an Authentic Connection with Your Audience

February 26, 2020

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Authenticity. We hear that word across all digital platforms and it’s certainly a buzzword. But what we don’t hear is how exactly you create an authentic relationship or connection with your audience. In today’s highly saturated market, innovating and sustaining authentic relationships with your customer is difficult but not impossible.

If you’re willing to take the time to develop that relationship, it can keep your audience coming back for more. Why? An additional advantage that stems from building an authentic relationship with your audience is the trust factor that you gain. Given how trust is not an easy goal to achieve, fostering that connection will have you reaping long-term benefits. We have weighed in on how to create an authentic connection:

Be active – wherever your customer is at

Promoting a long-lasting relationship with your customer starts with being where they are. You are not trying to be everywhere at once – only where your consumers hang out. That can be on various social and digital platforms. Once you’ve made yourself present, make sure to respond to them. Whether that’s on Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn, replying and engaging with your audience is important. 

Have a personality

You can’t be everything to everyone – but you can certainly be good at something for some. Therefore, make sure that your brand holds human characteristics that your target demographic can relate to. This promotes a sense of authenticity because you’re not coming across as a gimmicky brand.

If you stand by values, missions, and views, those who abide by the same can connect with you in an organic way. Although this may narrow your demographics, you’re enhancing the conversion rate, your engagement as a brand, and the trust that you build with those who are willing to make use of the products and services you offer. 

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Know when you’ve made a mistake – and own up to it

We all make mistakes, yes, even brands. Although as a brand, it’s important to carefully screen communication, if you slip up, own up to it and apologize. Admit that you made a mistake and propose ways you will change. Action those changes to become a better brand. Customers appreciate transparency in communication and brands that see to their promises.

Ask for feedback

The only way to know your audiences’ pain points is to ask them. Being in constant conversation with them is a surefire way to make them realise that you care about what your brand puts out. Asking for reviews will also ensure that your brand stays consistent with what your audience wants. It shows that you care and that you put your customer before everything else. After all, the customer is central to any aspect of your business.

Post user-generated content

Not all content needs to come from you. Incorporate content provided by your audience and encourage them to do so. As with all other suggestions, it showcases that you’re interested in more than their purchase power but that you care about them in a way that promotes a long term partnership. 

Being authentic is vital in a highly saturated market. Whether that’s from the content you post or brand identity that you put out, choosing what works for you is important to keep your customers coming back. Building a wholesome brand is far more than great products or services, it’s about every other aspect that takes care of the customer.

About the author

This article was created by Digital Squad. Digital Squad is a multi-awarding winning digital marketing agency with physical branches in 4 countries – New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Our multi-channel and multi-touch point digital marketing campaigns have helped start-ups, SMEs and Fortune 500’s achieve their digital marketing objectives across SEA, APAC, UK, APJ and the US.

Digital Squad

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