4 Simple Rules To Choose The Right Pictures For E-mails To Increase Conversion

February 4, 2020
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Why in my 10-years carrier in digital do I still believe in email marketing? It’s one of the easiest ways to:

  • make MVP (if you are not sure that your product is on-demand or if it meets customers criteria)
  • it’s free and easy to set up 
  • the perfect way to sell to “cold leads”

It is perfect for you if you have an idea to sell online: 

  • Any product (B2C/B2B)

In the next articles, I will describe how to do it step by step. But today we will learn, how to make pictures in emails work FOR you. Not against you. 

Let’s go! TOP rules.

1 Don’t overuse images.

Especially free-stock images, that you can find easily on Google. It will never help you with brand identification (once you start to sell anything- you start to build a brand).
Read more in Psychology of Persuasive or watch video from Natali Nahai.

2 Create your own style: 

  • in writing
  • in design (pictures)

Determine your basic colors and tone of voice, that will reflect your own brand/position. There are thousands of emails outside and you don’t want to be “just one more”.

Be creative and don’t be afraid of bad feedback. The more creative you can be – the more reaction you will get. Your aim – is to collect emotions from customers. Do it!

3 Special tricks.

Did you know you can direct the attention of the reader to the line/button you want?
Eye-tracking brings some magic to email marketing. How exactly does this happen?


Eye-tracking helps us to see how the eyes follow a few different elements on pictures. When a baby looks straight – the reader looks straight to his face too. When he looks to a title on the right – the reader follows the sight and reads the title too.

Some more examples.

The call to action button has to get MORE attraction than anything else.
More examples 
Amazing article about it here
A book about it.

4 Help readers to achieve the goal you need.

  • Set up a goal for your email
  • Keep the email short (maximum two scroll downs)
  • Attract attention to the element you want.

Do you need to sell an item? Your goal is to make a reader click the button that leads to your website?
Follow the rule of inverted pyramid design.

To sum up, let’s have a small test.

Does this picture follow all the rules we learned?

  1. Picture design connected to brand identification (colors, brand message)?
  2. Does a picture bring emotions? What do you feel?
  3. Where your attention goes first?

About the author

This article was created by Alesia Dubrovskaya. A digital marketing expert and owner of FCKmarketing agency. She currently works on Community Z which is platform focused on IT-people.