How to Boost Traffic with Visual Content Marketing Strategy

January 31, 2023

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Visuals in most cases have tremendous impingement on the success of social media campaigns along with your website. Infographics, videos, or photos catch the attention of users faster and great effectively than text can.  The visual content marketing power can’t be overstated. An old saying dictates that an image is thousands of words worth.

However, the message has never been more crucial than on the social web. Images or pictures are not just visual magnifiers of language. They instead tell stories and communicate the message as well. They actually stay much longer in the memory, can trigger associations, and evoke feelings. But first, let us understand what it means by visual content marketing is.

What Is Visual Content Marketing?

Content marketing through visuals involves content such as the use of videos, and images along with Gifs to spread information to the target audience, grow your business along with creating emotional connections.

Visual content marketing may not be all about sharing infographics and pretty pictures contrary to popular beliefs but it’s about knowing how the brain of a human processes visuals and interpret that information to beef up your effort in content marketing.

The research indicates that humans tend to maintain visual information for a long compared to plain text or information that is auditory. It has also been proven that visuals enhance learning along with comprehension and maximize the motivation to act and consume content in addition. There are various ways visuals can assist when it comes to content marketing.

Types of Visual Content


Everyone loves infographics from marketers to product consumers as they look great and sharing is easy. They can carry a dozen of information in a single graphic without complicating it or making it look ugly.

Use infographics to drive traffic to your website, beef up your brand awareness and recognition, boost SEO, and create thought leadership.


Videos play a vital role in the strategies of marketing as 92% of video marketers indicate. 88% of marketers of videos say that from video content a positive ROI is seen while 99% of them say that currently utilizing videos will proceed to do so in the future. Therefore, you are missing out if you are not making use of videos for your benefit.


Make use of product photos, company photos, team headshots, testimonials along with stock photos for purposes of content marketing. They can assist you in adding a personal touch to your content or blog.

Ensure not to make use of generic images that everyone including your competitors is using. Instead discover an unexampled, unique, and creative way to use them, and will help you stand out and get noticed.

Let’s now dive in and understand how we can construct an impactful strategy of visual content marketing with examples of visual marketing.

1. Make Use of Visual Content in Your Content

Using images across your articles and blogs grabs more engagement with every article you post.

Right at the start, make sure to place an image that can be right after the headline, or customize it to be attractive to the reader’s eyes. You can also spread them across the article, once in every 350 words leastwise.

Use shorter intervals of videos or images when you want to make a point. The readers consider the article easier to read when videos and images are spread like this across the article as it allows them some breathing room.

2. Establish a Defined Visual Style 

Consistent style when producing your images will empower your brand and instantly make it recognizable.

Frequently use the same patterns of color and choice of styles as it conveys warmth, speed, and calmness and will definitely affirm your content in your readers’ minds making them more likely to access and engage with it.

3. Utilize Dissimilar Images

There are dozens of types of visual content. These are images you can utilize in your content and you have everything from infographics, comics, cartoons, memes, stock images, custom images, screenshots, graphs, and charts.

Some images or pictures can be utilized to make a point or carry information while others can be habituated for aesthetic effect.

4. Add Your Logo to Your Custom Images

If investing in graphs, infographics, and charts along with other image creation is at the top of your list, ensure to include your logo in them. By doing so, when they get used or reposted on other blogs you will get advertisements free of charge.

Moreover, images are always created for a specific niche and they get reposted within the same niche. This means reaching your target audience automatically without finger lifting.

Social Media Visual Content Marketing Strategy

When utilizing the strategy of visual content marketing on social media, you will need to familiarize yourself with each platform’s etiquette.

For instance, you can make use of the same image on Facebook and Twitter posts but might not be fit for Tumblr where a more artistic style will be required.

You also need to keep off being overly sales. Never should your post come across as an advertisement. Alternatively, make them appear as normal posts from a regular consumer.

Your aim is to construct a consistent self-aware brand identity throughout the campaign across the platforms. Having this in mind, let’s dig deeper and look at various ways to raise your social media effectiveness with the strategy of visual content marketing.

1. Stand Out Post Creation 

In some ways when utilizing any social media, ensure that your posts stand out. Otherwise, your posts will always get lost in the feed of your users.

To make this happen, you will want to make use of Emojis, line breaks, unique fonts, and/or visuals depending on the platform you are using. Make it yummy and tasteful but avoid overdoing it, otherwise, you risk alienating your users or followers.

2. Establish a Connection with Your Posts

As I stated earlier in this article, you really have to know and understand your users and what drives them to tick.

Probably as a marketer, you have various personas formulated which reflect the lifestyles, desires, and purchasing habits of your customers. Nevertheless, if you do not, you might be missing out. These personas may assist you in making a real connection with your consumers and providing them with your products in a truly impactful manner.

3. Utilize User-Generated Content

If the position of your company or brand is able to receive or request user-generated content, then hold this close and make it a part of your strategy of visual content marketing. If your fans are very loyal and out of the blue they send you content, then ensure to reward that with shares, reposts, retweets, recognitions, and likes. Take them to the forefront and motivate more consumers to do the same.

This will not only highly maximize the engagement of your users along with your brand profile but will equip you with a dozen of unexampled content that you can share across the platform of social media. This tactic has been employed to great success by a ton of industries, companies, and brands.

4. Don’t Forget about Videos

We have focused on images so much throughout the article but let you not the big role of videos in visual content marketing strategy.

Videos possess a big effect on your consumers whether in social media or in articles. Videos cultivate on blog posts, social media platforms, and landing pages. Feel free to share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Vine, and Instagram. These videos can possibly be anything.

They can be amazing informational clips that issue your users with handy videos of the tutorial. You can also build stories that are inspirational that assist germinate a connection to a brand you own. By answering the questions, you can engage the audience or upload and film an incredible value-packed conference.

5. Make Your Content Liking Easy for Users

A visual content marketing strategy that is effective depends on issuing value to consumers of your products or users in chunks that are bite-sized. It is much easier to process the information in a visual form and it makes it more attractive to users.

To be bold on this, you need to weave images into your social media post along with your content in a way that grabs attention and builds connection. This can be achieved by providing statistics, tricks, and tips.


Visuals in content marketing are an integral part and to their full potential if you are not making use of them you’re missing out on a lot of benefits such as revenue, more traffic along with engagement.

If you are ready to put this to work, implement the use of tools like Visme for the creation and downloading along with managing all the visuals of your brand in one place. You can upload the assets of your brand and use them in your every single visual creation along with experimenting with different infographics, presentations, interactive chart types, and more.

About the author

Rithesh Raghavan is the Director at Acodez, a Digital Agency in India. Having a rich experience of 15+ years in Digital Marketing, Rithesh loves to write up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development.

Rithesh Raghavan

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