How to Apply UX in My Digital Marketing Strategy?

August 10, 2020

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The user experience, also called UX (User Experience) is a quality attribute that measures how the user interacts with a web interface and digital marketing.

Nowadays, a good user experience is the most important thing. Since it contemplates from the first encounter of the user with the brand or product to turning the user into a potential customer.

The UX can enhance the recruitment of new users, guarantee repeat visits and increase the engagement ratio of the page.

A crucial difference between Digital Marketing and User Experience is that marketing aims to attractively sell a product. While the UX focuses on knowing the user’s needs and how the product can help solve their problem.

The approach becomes friendlier, and more real and fosters a more lasting relationship with the user over time.

How to apply UX in my Digital Marketing strategy?

Create a user journey

To better understand your audience, know their needs and ask yourself what are the objectives they want to achieve when they interact with your product. Knowing these “pain points” will help in designing a route for how our product can provide solutions to each of the typical problems.

To do this, make a list of the problems that the user has and how each of them can be perfectly solved with our brand.

Design the possible paths that the user must travel on the website. In order to inform themselves and get convinced that our product is the ideal one to solve their problems. Design short, nice, and clear steps.

Easy to locate

In the internet age, speed is an important value. Because the user wants to find what they are looking for in a fast and orderly way. Your tour of the website must be simple and perfectly memorable. Place the CTAs in an easily located place and prioritize the most sought-after options on your website.

Be accessible

Shapes the personality of your product according to what the user expects to receive so that he can feel identified and understood.

Also, be aware of being inclusive. Because 20% of the world’s population has some type of disability. Remember to keep this type of audience in mind when designing your website.

UX Add value in Digital Marketing

The user wants to feel that his visit to the website or interaction with your product left him a lesson or learned something new that he did not know before.

Give value to your content. Be informative and communicative.

The message you want to transmit with your website has to be consistent with how you present it to the user.

Be useful

Remember that your product must solve the user’s experience problem. Your goal is to change the dissatisfactions into goals achieved. Also that your product improves the mood of the user and generates happiness. Does your brand do it?

Promote trust

When you go to present the product, you must above all sell trust. It shows that you know what you are talking about, reporting clearly on it, and keep yourself updated on the subject.

Show yourself close to your audience and answer their concerns clearly and promptly.

Do not hide behind your product, try to be one-on-one with your audience.

Satisfaction above all

The perfect user experience is the one that generates satisfaction. That’s the reason the user must feel comfortable when interacting with the page and has to find their journey fun and exciting.

At the end of the interaction with the product or the web page, the user must feel that he has fulfilled his objective and leave happy with the interaction.

About the author

Gabriela Pineda is a UX / UI Designer, Digital Marketing Specialist and Journalist with the opportunity to experiment. Updates are available through consultants and distances related to UX and Digital Digital Marketing for distant companies.

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