How Can UX Boost Digital Marketing

February 2, 2023

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UX has always played a critical role in the functioning of a website. If you own one, you know how important it is to provide the best experience to your site visitors through intuitive navigation, engaging design, expansive linking, and so on.

But did you know that UX is also important for your digital marketing? With the help of good website UX, you could actually achieve more marketing goals. Without further ado, here’s how UX can boost digital marketing.

How UX can boost digital marketing

Here are 5 areas where UX plays a major role.

1. More focused Messaging 

One of the most important reasons why UX is critical for digital marketing is that it helps you focus your messaging. Digital marketing includes marketing through your website, but if your website has poor UX, you can’t deliver your message to your audience in a comprehensive way.

For instance, you might have many interesting ideas for promotional banners on your website. If you use all of these ideas at once, you might end up cluttering your website. Instead, you need to choose the best options for these banners and design them in a way that won’t drive your site visitors away after a single look.

2. Efficient Teamwork 

In the grander scheme of things, UX is important for efficient teamwork. When different teams communicate with each other, it can be easy to have misunderstandings. Even though everyone is working in the same company, it is not always easy to streamline communication and make it effective.

If teams use UX principles to explain their requests to each other, communication can become much smoother. For instance, the marketing team can communicate with the customer support team to discuss how to improve on-site customer support. This is directly related to UX, and by focusing on UX in the discussion, the two teams can work together to solve the problem with more success.

3. Improved Branding

Though branding is considered a part of marketing, it isn’t always acknowledged as a part of UX too. More specifically, visual marketing includes visual branding which is an aspect of UX. The way you design your website is not just about functionality – it is also about standing out and being memorable.

When you have good UX, your site visitors not only enjoy browsing your website but also clearly understand the image or identity of your brand. This is evident from the color scheme, the design style, and even the number and types of pages on your website.

4. Reduced costs and expenses 

Website UX plays a huge role in the overall experience of a customer with your brand. This is why businesses aim to deliver good experiences across multiple platforms and channels – and especially on their official websites. And if you are able to have good website UX, you can expect to see reduced costs and expenses across the board.

More specifically, by having good website UX you can indirectly influence the chances of a client becoming a returning customer. Essentially, this means that you will have a permanent customer, and because retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones, you will be able to reduce your marketing expenses.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction 

An obvious aspect of good UX is increased customer satisfaction. When a person has a good experience with your brand when browsing your website, they will definitely have a much better overall experience with your company. This, in turn, leads to more satisfaction among your customers.

Of course, you should still ensure that you are delivering a good experience through other channels and platforms too because they also contribute to customer satisfaction. This is precisely why you need to use digital marketing in those external spaces while focusing on providing good UX

6. Better Conversions

Lastly, good UX can help you get more conversions on your website. Your marketing campaigns already aim to direct customers to your website and convert them, but without good UX, all your marketing efforts could end up being in vain.

For instance, you can have a paid ad campaign for your new product line. When a potential customer clicks on your ads and starts browsing your website, they are already close to converting. However, if they discover that your website has poor UX, they could just as easily leave your website without purchasing anything.

Wrapping up 

As you can see, digital marketing is highly dependent on good website UX, so you should definitely pay attention to both. By delivering good UX to your audience, you can achieve a variety of marketing goals and improve your overall marketing strategy.

About the author

Kristen Bray is a professional writer and а blogger. She has been working as an editor at а Best Essays Education and Trust My Paper. Kristen mainly covers topics such as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. In her free time, she practices yoga and also travels.


Kristen Bray

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