How Artificial Intelligence Helps In Digital Marketing

March 21, 2023

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Artificial intelligence is a new form of technology that is fast spreading in the digital marketing world. Digital marketers are leveraging it in various ways to automate tasks, boost productivity and grow their businesses. According to Grandview Research, the global AI market is worth $136.5 billion as of 2022 and is expected to hit over $1 trillion by 2030.

This shows that the industry is exploding, and there is no better time to queue into it than now.

Are you a digital marketer who is skeptical about leveraging AI? This guide will show you how it can help in digital marketing.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It’s the method of programming a computer-controlled robot or software to think and perform tasks efficiently as humans would do. Instead of having humans take on tasks manually, an AI can step in and automate them.

Let’s look at how artificial intelligence helps in digital marketing.

1. Content writing

Writing content is an integral part of digital marketing. That’s why it’s one of the top marketing jobs digital marketers often outsource to freelancers that do remote work.

You need quality content to promote your goods and services to your target audience. It costs time and money and this is where AI comes in.

You can leverage Narrato’s AI content assistant to generate quality content and edit and optimize it.

There are other AI writers like Jasper and Writesonic that you can use to generate marketing, sales, and social media copy.

So, you end writer’s block, save costs, and boost your productivity.

2. Image Creation

Your digital marketing strategy will be incomplete without visuals. Whether you’re writing a blog post, Facebook Ad copy, email copy, or social media post, you need unique and high-quality images for illustration.

There is quite an extensive discussion regarding AI-generated images especially related to their quality and how legal they are.

There are of course pros and cons of services like Jasper Art, DALL-E, and Midjourney. An advantage is the creation of a unique photo that hasn’t existed before, however, a lot of times the AI tools combine the different elements oddly, which makes the photos unusable.

Interestingly, some AI image generators allow you to take a photo of your product, upload it and generate variants, which is definitely a useful feature.

If you prefer authentic images of real people in real settings, then you can find what you need on the stock image platform JumpStory.

3. Conversation Automation

As a digital marketer who sells their products and services online, potential customers will want to engage you in a conversation. This is common if you sell on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, you won’t be available to engage with them 24/7.

With the growing popularity of OpenAI and their ChatGPT, it gets even easier to create an engaging chatbot, now that chatbot builders have started adding integration with GPT-3.

Some of the best chatbot builders on the market are working to implement ChatGPT technology into their functionality and make conversational marketing more human-like.

AI can respond to questions, and engage an audience in a helpful conversation even while you sleep. That way you can’t miss leads that can turn into paying customers.

4. Ad Optimization

Digital marketers run ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to generate leads that can convert to sales.

Oftentimes, you can run ads on these platforms without generating a lead.

What a waste of money!

But with AI, you can improve your results by optimizing your ad based on what has worked for others. For example, AI ad optimization tools like Adcreative know the best position to place your images and text to capture your audience’s attention.

Although platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide generic insight on how to optimize your ad, that isn’t enough because every other person uses it. You need to be unique in order to maximize the amount you pay to acquire a lead.

5. Designing No-code Website

Having a website is necessary for digital marketing. Whether you want to sell your product or service, you will at least need a landing page your target audience will land on after clicking through your ad.

But designing a website isn’t easy. It has a learning curve and requires you to be tech-savvy otherwise you have to hire a web designer.  AI tools like Zyro, Jimdo, and Wix ADI have made it easy for you to design a no-code website in minutes.

It’s just a matter of drag and drop, and you have your site ready.

Interestingly, these AI website builders offer you the option to design your website using templates or AI website generators.

6. Email campaign

Email marketing is a gold mine for selling your products and services. Digital marketers leverage it a lot because it’s cost-effective and builds relationships with the target audience which leads to sales.

However, It has its own challenges like low click-through rate, open rate, and conversion rate.

These are what AI in email marketing has come to solve. For example, you can use the AI email copy assistant tools from Mailmunch, ActiveCampaign, Keap, and Encharge to generate subject lines that will entice subscribers to click on your email.

That boosts your open rate. You can even customize the tone and enable personalization settings to show you understand the pains of a target customer.

A final thought on the use of AI in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is impacting tech jobs and the digital marketing industry. Businesses are leveraging it to cut costs, automate certain tasks and boost sales.

Being skeptical about it means you may not compete favorably with your competitors in the future. I’ve shown you different ways AI can help you with digital marketing, ranging from content creation to email marketing. It’s up to you to re-strategize and see where you can leverage any of them.

About the author

Chuks Chukwuemeka is a freelance SEO content writer & strategist who helps SaaS brands boost their rankings on search engines.

He’s the founder of Depreneurdigest, a marketing blog, and loves learning new things about SEO.



Chuks Chukwuemeka

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