Gain More Instagram Followers – 4 Impactful Content Tips

October 1, 2021
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Saying that 2020 was a tough year would be a mere understatement. There’s no one whose plans hadn’t been disrupted or ruined altogether by COVID19.

Fortunately, sometimes it’s the little things in life that help us pull ourselves together in the darkest times. For some, it could be swallowing Netflix’s catalog whole, and for others, the ideal escapism comes from reading books.

Today’s article will especially appeal to those for whom Instagram has been the ‘hero of the moment’, as we will share 4 impactful content tips that will help gain more followers to your Instagram page. 

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‘Instagram?  What’s the fuss about?’

The great variety of content on the app encouraged us not to lose our minds during quarantine periods. Instagram reels, one of the app’s latest features, entertained us to no end (and helped us get followers on Instagram). Indeed, the trends on the app change faster than the sound of speed. Sometimes they are so hard to follow you’ll find your content becomes irrelevant in a flash.

Instagram’s Functionality Along The Years

With Instagram’s colossal success, it’s no longer the mere platform it was in 2010. Back then, paying visual content the great respect it deserves was at the app’s core. Today, Instagram is also a staple marketing tool, providing tremendous aid for businesses who use it properly.

Therefore, both small and established brands alike are always on the lookout for the best time to post new content. After all, finding the right timing is essential in getting more Instagram followers with every new post.

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(Almost) Alone At The Top

The thing is, we’re not alone in wishing to become Instagram stars getting a thousand followers every day. Growing our followers on Instagram lies in the palm of our hand, though. The four tips below will come especially handy for those aiming to create highly converting (and engaging!) content.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard

Don’t believe anyone who told you they’ve found the perfect formula for Instagram content because it simply doesn’t exist. Remember that what works for one profile won’t necessarily work for another. Rather, hard work, along with trial and error, will help you find the content that fully compliments your profile. There are no shortcuts to success in life, and Instagram is no exception.

2. Quantity Vs. Quality

Another crucial principle we should commit to memory is that on Instagram, quality matters more than quantity. This rule calls for managing our Insta-page approach accordingly, ensuring our efforts put a stronger focus on quality than quantity. You’d be surprised how many pages lost followers (and customers) because they posted one-too-many posts, becoming too overwhelming.

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3. Try Out All The Features The Platform Offers

Pages that only stick to one type of content could exhaust their audience for being too monotonous. Fortunately, Instagram lets us enjoy various types of content. From the traditional posts, along with videos and live views. A clever IG-page manager rotates between these options, according to the theme on the agenda. 

4. Your Post Doesn’t Matter Much To Anyone? Better Luck Next Time

Despite the intuitive tendency to delete embarrassing flops, the opposite action is preferable. The app’s algorithm won’t harm you in any way because of leaving them be. Furthermore, some posts take longer to reach ‘full blossom’.

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‘Wait And See’ is the best policy. Just like people, posts could be late bloomers and start catching fire later than expected. Sometimes, it’s best to hold yourself together and recalculate your social endeavors one step at a time. By postponing the deletion of a low-performance post before it is ‘on air’ long enough, you maximize its potential.

Alternatively, uploading the same post another time with slight modifications is also an option. If it’s a video – you can change the song played in the background, for one. Doing so is another measurement to assess (and eventually improve) the updated component’s impact on the post’s ‘shelf life’.

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For any marketer who hasn’t set up a social presence before the pandemic, COVID19 probably made them change their mind. In 2021, it’s clear that Instagram plays a vital role in marketing, and it will continue to do so in the upcoming years. Not being there amounts to a loss of new customers, followers, business opportunities. By keeping in mind the 4 tips mentioned you will be able to reach groundbreaking popularity peaks that you’ve never seen before.

About the author

Yuval is a content writer and editor at SEOMADEZ LLC. The company manages a handful of e-commerce sites focusing on digital goods, such as SocialProofco. Whenever he doesn’t write, Yuval loads his inspiration tank with Indie music that moves him, such as Mac Demarco’s ‘This Old Dog.’

Yuval Zilberfarb