Email Automation Techniques to Increase CTR

March 14, 2023

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What is a good Email CTR and How to Measure it?

To determine your e-mail CTR:

  • Count the number of people that received your email and clicked on the link within your email;
  • Divide that number by the number of emails delivered;
  • Finally, multiply that number by 100 to get an accurate percentage.

You have a 10% click-through rate if your email is opened by 100 recipients and 10 of them click on one of your email’s links.

Any email click-through rate of more than 3% is considered good. In general, 1-5% is the typical CTR for emails, with an average of 2.9% across all industries. However, there isn’t a specific email click-through rate you should aim for.

You should also take into account other elements to determine the success of your email click-through rate, such as:

  • Benchmarks for email click-through rates in your sector
  • Comparing campaigns with comparable goals and CTRs
  • The size of the target audience
  • Budget for email campaigns

Moreover, email marketing can increase brand awareness, when done right. Make sure your readers feel like you are thinking of them, and let them get to know your brand up close. Design your email campaigns with a wide purpose, not to simply collect those clicks.

The ideal way to determine success is to monitor your own campaign’s development and performance over time. You can adjust your strategy per the standards your brand considers valuable by setting and measuring those benchmarks.

Additionally, make sure to educate yourself on email marketing automation mistakes, which will also lead to successful marketing campaigns.

7 Ways to Increase Email CTR

Now we are going to discuss the 7 ways to increase e-mail CTR, along with some useful tips. 

1. Examine your subject lines

In an email marketing strategy, the term “click-through rate” is frequently used to refer particularly to the click-through rate of an offer in your email’s body. However, you must first entice recipients to click on the email. Once you’ve mastered email deliverability, you should begin A/B testing your subject lines.

2. Include social sharing features

According to data from Econsultancy, emails containing just one social media sharing option had click-through rates that were 30% higher than emails without any social sharing links. When there were three or more social sharing alternatives, the CTR increased by 55%.

Even if your readers decide not to take advantage of the offer in your email, they could have a buddy who does. By integrating social sharing icons, you give them the option to share with a friend, and your click-through rate will skyrocket.

3. Include targeted content

First of all, you need to be aware of who the recipients of your email are. Hubspot onboarding checklist can help you properly target your customers in your campaigns. Think about the type of information customers would like to see and incorporate that in your offer. You’ll get more clicks to redeem that offer if it speaks to the needs of your receiver.

4. Personalize your emails

By adding personalized components, you can more precisely target both your email’s content and its recipient list. Knowledge about your prospects’ and customers’ past purchases, downloads, satisfaction levels, and website activity is a crucial component of good lead nurturing. By making the most pertinent offers available, you will be able to increase click-through rates because your email will be more specifically targeted.

5. Eliminate any distractions from your email

It’s crucial to eliminate distractions from your email template, just as you should while creating landing pages. Avoid the temptation to include a header with links to your website’s navigation or to include several offers in the email in the hopes that at least one of them will encourage readers to click. This is a symptom that the purpose of your email is not clear enough.

6. Create a sense of urgency

Limiting your offers is a strategy that is particularly effective for product marketers. To increase your click-through rate, this compels readers to redeem them right away. Don’t feel awful, though. They are getting a product that is perfectly suited to their demands if your email marketing is correctly segmented!

7. Ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile

The vast majority of consumers who access email using a mobile device check it four or more times every day. You are completely missing out on a great opportunity to have these mobile readers click your calls-to-action if you haven’t optimized your emails for mobile yet. If you haven’t already, now is the ideal time to start optimizing your emails for mobile in order to tap into this enormous market that is rapidly expanding.

Since the target audience spends a lot of time with their smartphone in their hand, aiming for the emails to be opened from a mobile device can be a great opportunity for your email CPM strategy. Analyze your conversions and anticipate when your customers are most likely to take the leap from your email to your website.

In Summary

We have now concluded our discussion about email CTR. Now that you are aware of the significance of email CTR, you can take advantage of the straightforward strategies available to you to get more relevant clicks.

Any increase in the click-through rate is a worthwhile pursuit. To start getting more clicks, leads, and satisfied clients, check the seven incredible recommendations we stated above.

About the author

Nina Petrov is a content marketing specialist, passionate about graphic design, content marketing, and the new generation of green and social businesses. She starts the day scrolling her digest on new digital trends while sipping a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Her white little bunny tends to reply to your emails when she is on vacation.



Nina Petrov

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