Digital marketing when to outsource or DIY your projects

August 25, 2020
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When looking at the possibilities offered by Digital Marketing for your business, you might think that it seems manageable, and you can do it yourself if you dedicate some time, or it might seem to you incredibly complex, and you would not know where to start.

Every entrepreneur should be able to know the basics of any field his business is touching.
But the question is how to decide if you should invest time or ask for external help to grow your business online.

Use the value triangle to help you identify project’s priorities

You should balance three priorities: we will refer to this as the value triangle.
Basically, for any service or solution you might be looking for your business, they are a combination of three fundamental value proposition.

QUALITY (good): the output of the service meets your highest expectations.
If you think about web design, it would be the website of your dream
SPEED (fast): The output is delivered at a speed that satisfies you.
Your web design partner has delivered in time with no delay.
COST (cheap): the output is satisfying you regarding the affordability of the solution.
You chose a cost-effective solution.

This triangle read in this way that you can combine 3 values together but only at the expense of at least one of the other one: quality, speed, or cost.

With the help of 3 examples, let’s read the 3 extremes of this value triangle.

Let’s say you plan to improve your SEO by writing new blog posts. If you DIY, the content quality can satisfy you because you are the one in charge. It can be cheap because you will not spend a penny but at the sacrifice of your time to do it.

The same might go with taking pictures of your business yourself.
It might be fast and cheap, but if you have no more experience than doing holiday and family photos, it might be okay but not as good as you would like to be. In such a case, using a solution like JumpStory can help you to some extent.

Also, in the last scenario, let’s say you would like to build a website, and you want it online fast, and you have high expectations. Unless you are an experienced web designer who can develop the whole site by himself, it will not be cheap.

Ask yourself the right questions

A successful entrepreneur should know how to balance quality, speed of execution, and cost involved to deliver added value to its business or digital marketing effort.
Whenever running into a new project or campaign you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have the knowledge and skills?
  • What is the optimal deadline?
  • How much money do I want to dedicate to do this?

These three answers should be realistic if you answered:
“I have no knowledge, but I can learn, the deadline is the earliest possible, and I would like to cost it the lowest fee possible” that’s not specific enough.

Let’s figure this out by a project. Let’s say you want to include e-commerce on your existing website.

  • How much do you know about my current website, technically?
  • How much knowledgeable are you about e-commerce solutions?
  • Can you name some e-commerce platforms?
  • Do you have experience with payment gateways?
  • Do you know the minimum requirement you would like to start with this (number of products…)?
  • How skilled are you with the solutions you know?
  • Would you be able to pull this off by yourself partially or entirely?
  • If you think of an e-commerce website you like, would you be able to design it by yourself?
  • Do you have an idea of how it is made?

Answering all these questions, you should know if you can DIY and to what extent. If you have no idea what question to ask yourself, the answer is simple: you might not know enough to assess this quickly.


You would either need to research this or ask for consultation directly.


When do you need this? Next week? Next month? In 2 months? Do you have an idea of how long it might take?


How much money do you want to dedicate to this? Do you know how much it would cost realistically? Do you know people who could do it? If the price is the leading blocker. What would you be able to concede to get a cheaper alternative: speed or quality?

Going through this mental process, hopefully you already have answers to your questions, and you would know a bit more if you can DIY and to which extent or if you would need consultation from A to Z or targeted work of some specialists.

Whether it’s the strategy, paid ads, graphic design, social media, e-commerce, web design or content marketing. Many people can help you with the whole or just a part of your digital marketing problematic.

Which Partner is right for you

Agencies often offer the convenience of having different skills under one roof, making it easier to develop your digital marketing effort to other directions and adapt if you do not know much about it.

If you feel relatively knowledgable about some fields already but would like dedicated help for some specific parts, let’s say you have minimal web design knowledge, but you want to make a website, studios (also known as micro agencies) can be the best for you.

If you are knowledgable to some extent and price is a blocker, but time is less urgent, you could either decide to do it yourself or do it with a freelancer. Keep in mind you will need to invest more time in this than the two first options.

If you do not know where to start a consultancy like Ad World Masters can help you find the proper candidate for your next project.

About the author

This article was written by Thomas Lavernhe an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is the co-founder of Ad World Masters the fastest growing agency – client matchmaking platform operating globally. Ad World Masters lists nearly 11,000 agencies in over 150 countries you can search the best suited marketing service providers for your projects for free. In case you need help they also offer consulting services to help you find the right partner.

Thomas Lavernhe