Jonathan Low - Co-founder
Jonathan Low - Co-founder
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3 important promises in difficult Corona-times

Dear JumpStory visitor. In these critical Corona-times, we wanted to talk about something more positive: Namely our JumpStory-promises to you as a customer for the rest of 2020.

We promise you 3 important things:


1. The price will not increase

We know that your economy is under pressure. We don’t want to make it any harder, so the price remains just 25 USD/month and 195 USD/year.


2. Total transparency – know what to expect from us

We know that you have enough things to stress about, and our product shouldn’t be one of them. That is why we have made our roadmap public, so you know exactly what amazing new features are just around the corner.


3. Better, better and better

Have you checked out JumpStory in the last week? We have added millions of new photos and videos, and we keep improving every week. Here are a few highlights of what will come next in April and May:

  • Advanced search filters – filter on people, ethnicity, safe search, location and more
  • Improved archive – create folders, upload your own photos, share images etc.
  • Optimize photos for print – even if the quality of the image is poor
  • Auto-completion of search – just like you know it from Google
  • 50.000 new fonts to download from JumpStory.

Please stay safe out there and remember to send us any ideas that you might have for improving JumpStory even more.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Low & Anders Thiim
Founders of JumpStory