Content Automation – Why you can’t ignore it any longer

May 4, 2021
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The only constant in life is change. The only way we can deal with it – to adapt quickly and effectively.

The times when companies could get away with putting minimal effort into their communication methods are gone in the wind. Cliché stock images, irrelevant emails and outdated articles don’t cut it anymore.

History is the best teacher, and one of its greatest lessons is that the power of the masses is something to be reckoned with. To decrease dissatisfaction and increase corporate survival, the Digital Revolution has broken the rusty chains of one-sided communication. Instead, it turned towards a more authentic one, with a two-way dialogue between companies and customers.

A study conducted by the  Gebze Institute of Technology has proven that properly conducted brand communication creates and develops trust-based relationship platforms between brand and customer, and brand trust has positive effects on brand loyalty. 

Two Women sitting and talking

Bombarding the customers with obtrusive advertising is not a viable tactic anymore. However, a treat offering of free content like webinars, roadmaps, or blog articles is pleasantly received.

This new philosophy proved effective enough, that it has become vital for large enterprises and small startups alike.

Time is running out

In today’s world, most days feel like a race against time. There’s always too much to do and never any time to squeeze those tasks into. Finding smart solutions that will take some responsibilities off our hands is the key to survival.

This is why content automation is being adopted so quickly. The goal is to remove the need for human intervention in the content lifecycle. This is done by programming or automating any processes involved with content marketing, that cost you money or time (but most likely, both).

Ever considered sitting back in your chair and putting your content on autopilot? Just think of the benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of content creation and management
  • Automated workflows and reduce manual errors
  • Improved customer experience
  • Ensured regulatory compliance

man in hammock

As demand for automated solutions rises, the world of start-ups is booming. Each day sees a  fresh tech company developing its artificial intelligence to work out all the quirks of content creation and implementation.

Every marketer who values their time should be putting together their content automation toolkit. The collection below of noteworthy tools makes for a real digital Batman’s belt for anyone involved with content. From the trainees to the VPs.

Buckle up and automate

Here are some of the most important tools you should have on the top of your automation list. Let’s get the basics straight.

Website creation

To automate your content, you first need a platform to post it on.

WordPress is an industry favorite. A golden child, if you will. And not without reason.

A free, open-source content management system (CMS) used to create, manage and customize your website. WordPress is known for its many useful features that make content creation and customization as simple as possible for both advanced and first-time users.

It lets you install just about every plugin you need to customize it to your exact needs, from SEO analysis to Visuals. As for the latter, the next item on our list is especially worth having at your disposal, if you want your content to bring actual results. We are talking about a plugin from JumpStory, the platform with high-performing and authentic visuals.

If you need to supplement your content with images (as it should, to achieve the best results), installing JumpStory’s WordPress plugin will help you find the perfect photos and upload them in a heartbeat.

man in a Crowd

Visual content

Words aren’t enough to engage your audience. Visuals have the power of producing a faster and stronger emotional reaction than any other type of content. The visual content you use will directly reflect the quality of your brand. That’s why using authentic and high-quality images, that have an emotional impact, must be your key condition when curating your visual content strategy.

Thankfully all of those requirements are fulfilled by JumpStory, a stock image platform as mentioned above. It uses machine learning to filter out ‘stocky’ looking photos and to retain only the most authentic-looking ones for enhanced content performance, besides other AI-powered features. And the best thing? The ‘real’ stock images from JumpStory outperform conventional stock photos by up to 80%.

crowd of people

Automating your content with JumpStory’s AI TextMatch feature is the fastest way of pairing your texts with high-performing visuals. All it takes is to insert your written content into the text field. From then on, JumpStory’s intelligent algorithm will analyze it, and match it with the most well-fitting photos, saving your time and energy.

With JumpStory’s WordPress plugin you can search their whole library for high-quality visuals and upload them directly to your page. All in a matter of seconds. Down with the download. Spare yourself the hassle and space on your RAM.

Audio content

Audio-specific content marketing is a fast-expanding trend in the digital world, and podcasts are paving the way.  Podcasting should be a part of a well-rounded content strategy, especially considering the payoff in creating a close bond with your customers. Successfully intrigue them, and you might have just turned them into your most loyal customer group.

A great choice, if you are looking for a multipurpose podcasting platform, is PodBean. It includes creation and podcast editing along with the ability to host and share it live. Having all of these features in one place paired with the quality of the service makes it worth the price.

A podcast is mainly only an auditory experience, but its visual/icon of your podcast graphic will be the first and only thing your clients get to see, so remember to choose it wisely.

Woman wearing headphones

Email Marketing

Fast and effective. Creating a strong email marketing strategy will help you to not only reach and connect with your target audience, but do so in a personalized way. And automating the part of your strategy is pretty much essential unless spending weeks manually sending out emails is something you fancy.

Email automation platforms make scheduling, segmenting, and sending out personalized messages a child’s play. Focusing on targeting your customers with relevant offers has a very direct result: MailChimp research shows that by using such platforms, you get 14,3% higher open rates and 100.95% higher click-through rates.

Some of the industry’s favorites include (but are not constrained to) Klaviyo, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Sendinblue. What’s crucial here, is making sure that you choose the platform that works best for you and your needs, so do not hesitate to experiment with different options until you find the right fit.


It’s important to repeat our previous lesson: visuals make a difference! Email gives you a paramount potential of reaching a great number of future customers, as well as building your relationship with the current ones. Don’t pass up the opportunity to influence them with some fantastic visuals, and steal some attention from your competitors. It’s all of the small things that count, in the end.


Keeping afloat and ahead of the competition will keep becoming more and more challenging. Making use of tactics and tools that have the potential to help you perform faster, better, and for less, is absolutely crucial. If you are not utilizing them, be prepared to see your competitors do so. 

Take these words of advice, complete your toolkit with the fantastic software we introduced you to, and lead your content into a new, greater era – of automation.

About the author

Wiktoria Pietyra is a Marketing Assistant at JumpStory. She is passionate about content creation and exploring the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Wiktoria Pietyra

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