What are the best ways to improve performance of B2B PPC campaigns?

November 22, 2019
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During the first few months as administrator of one of our B2B client’s accounts, I struggled to entirely understand the purchase cycle of their customers. I could not understand their goals and structure of their account.

As a result of my lack of understanding, I gradually began to lose efficiency in this commercial account. I simply could not keep up with the performance in the previous months. That was until I took over the management of the project.

In some cases, it can be much easier to manage the lead generation processes of B2B clients. What I mean by that is making them fill out a questionnaire, collect data and conduct re-marketing. What was especially challenging about the work for my client was the extremely long cycle for gathering new leads. 

Best way to improve performance of B2B PPC campaigns

The user would typically enter the website, leave it, re-enter again, leave once more, and then maybe he/she would decide to fill out the questionnaire. After that they were constantly bombed from every side by various parts of a very long marketing funnel.

This process would usually take anywhere between 1 to 6 months. My client at the time was selling a top quality and very expensive product. This was something I could not understand from the very beginning. At the time I was unable to visualize the overall purchasing process.

In the end, I set out to crack this problem at any cost. I plunged myself deep into the client’s business. I compiled a package of information that gave an insight into how digital strategy was attracting the potential buyers. This research took me a long time. I spent many days deeply frustrated while conducting different trial and error experiments.

However, it was really thanks to all this struggle that I managed to correctly react to these situations. I also learned several key strategies that helped me to finally crack the problem and successfully manage my client’s B2B account.

# Identify the key parts of your client’s customer life cycle

The second step in performance improvement of your client’s account that I recommend, is to slice your client’s customer life cycle into key parts where the digital strategy has the most impact. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to explain to your clients (and their bosses) what role exactly the “online” part of the marketing plays in the overall system.

Girl planning in calendar

As an account manager you must show your client to what extent you understand their business. It is also important to know, where digital marketing convinces the potential customer to make the purchase. These are the best type of data with which you will be able to show your client how digital marketing influences the life cycle of their customer.

# Integrate Google advertisements with your client’s CRM platform

Another important task is to integrate your client’s CRM platform with the Google Ads. The reason is that these are exactly the interconnections that help account managers with the specialization of the respective resources.

Whenever you as an account manager make optimizations just based on partial information and restricted overview, you can easily ruin your client’s business just by simply having these gaps in knowledge. I cannot stress enough how surprised you will be to see the improvement in performance of your campaigns if you undertake this step.

If possible, try to structure your campaigns based on geographic regions

In case of my client, we recognized countries that were significantly outperforming others. This was most likely the case also for the other players in this industry. My client’s product was significantly influenced by the respective national laws. Hence it made good sense for us to structure the account based on different regions.


World map

That enabled us to more efficiently allocate their budget, be more specific and focused in our advertisement efforts and allocate more money to regions where the national laws required such investments. This decision gave us much more freedom in realization of the campaigns and considerably lowered our CPL.

Identify the types of campaigns

It is imperative that you perfectly understand how every single campaign attracts your client’s customers within each section of the conversion funnel. However, in case of B2B clients you must also understand how your campaigns fit your marketing funnel. In addition to this, I also recommend figuring out how different keywords fit this funnel too. Subsequently, you should try to implement these key words with the highest possible granularity into your advertisement texts.

If possible, take advantage of the programmatic display campaigns

The audience of the B2B clients is usually narrowly specialized and hardly accessible online. For B2B clients it can even be sometimes quite challenging to identify specific personal profiles. Based on my opinion, some types of programmatic display campaigns will have much higher value for your customer than others. Programmatic advertisements enable narrower targeting. Even though they are more expensive than some other types advertisement, they will be systematically displayed in the best positions to a highly relevant audience.

Programmatic display campaigns

If you are trying to achieve better results for your B2B clients, try some of the above-mentioned steps. That way you will show them how well you understand their business, what in turn will enable you to better consult them on how these digital strategies can improve results of their marketing efforts.

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