The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

June 9, 2022

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When you visualize what artificial intelligence (AI) “looks like,” you might envision a synthetic consciousness created by humans, as depicted in numerous sci-fi movies.

Aside from the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is simply a technology that can accomplish activities that would ordinarily need human intelligence. These include problem-solving, emotional recognition, and even disease diagnosis.

At A Glance: Artificial Intelligence Marketing

AI marketing is a technique that uses technology to improve the customer journey. It can also be used to improve marketing campaigns’ return on investment (ROI). This is performed by gaining insight into your target audience through the use of big data analytics, machine learning, and other methods. You can establish more effective client touchpoints with these insights.

AI eliminates most of the guesswork involved in client interactions, whether you’re doing email marketing or offering customer service. On a larger scale, it can be utilized to automate previously manual procedures. AI marketing can be used for content generation, PPC ads, and even web design.


Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

AI can streamline and optimize marketing campaigns in the world of digital marketing. It can also reduce the possibility of human error. While much of the digital marketing sector still relies on human creativity, AI software may be able to construct a report using only data. However, the personal touch is still required to properly connect with your customers.

Empathy, compassion, and narrative are all qualities that technology cannot yet replicate. After all, AI is not constrained by human constraints.

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Content Curation And Generation

Content marketing has now grown into a global industry. It is so common that some consider it to be the only sort of marketing.

AI has the capacity to curate and develop content before delivering it to the right people on the right channels.

On a basic level, this technology is already automating content development, but AI might someday produce feasible subjects for writers or even develop initial drafts of content depending on certain factors.

On the strategy front, AI has the potential to assist marketers in developing an end-to-end content strategy. This capability is already available in several marketing products. I believe it will also be capable of producing thorough reports on content initiatives with little to no human intervention.

Here are 7 best practices for change implementation.

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AI-Enhanced Digital Advertising

According to Supercharge Lab, artificial intelligence will continue to revolutionize the way firms advertise. In reality, today’s digital advertising techniques would be impossible to implement without some type of AI. AI-powered delivery systems can even power LED billboards. Based on advanced algorithms and massive data, these systems run independently, displaying the appropriate adverts to the appropriate people. This is referred to as “programmatic advertising.”

Ad development was once mostly a creative undertaking. It still is, but if businesses want their advertisements to be effective, they must look beyond inventiveness. It’s all about targeting and delivering the appropriate message these days.

Every day, consumers and business-to-business (B2B) purchasers are bombarded with advertisements. Because the majority of them are insignificant, they simply close the ad or move on to their next assignment. Advertisers lose money when this happens.

Businesses can maximize their return on investment by only displaying adverts to relevant visitors using AI. Advertisements can be purchased automatically and then customized at scale. This technique is already being used by many advertisers.

Find out how AI is transforming the future of digital advertising here.


Chatbots are one sort of AI that corporations regard as a game changer. These chatbots are already used on many websites to answer frequently requested inquiries from customers.

The most intriguing aspect of chatbots is the influence they can have on the customer experience. Some firms might not have enough personnel or hours in the day to respond to client inquiries swiftly. Chatbots enable customers to assist themselves.

Nonetheless, there is a correct and incorrect method to employ chatbots. This technology should never be allowed to make the final decision on a customer complaint. If a lead or client prefers, they should be able to speak with a human.

Smart chatbots, as opposed to the simplistic ones you see currently, have the most promise. These are AI-powered technologies that communicate with humans by generating responses in real-time.

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Behavior Analysis And Predictive Analytics

Companies are increasingly hiring data scientists and programmers for their marketing departments. This is because their abilities will eventually form the foundation of the majority of marketing campaigns.

The internet is like a massive behavioral science laboratory, yet there are so many data sets that humans can never hope to examine them all. This is where artificial intelligence comes in.

AI can provide organizations with deep insights into their customers by utilizing machine learning and large data analysis. Businesses will be able to not only hyper-personalize encounters, but I believe they will also be able to predict future customer behaviors based on the data collected.

Businesses are investing heavily in artificial intelligence. As additional AI use cases emerge, we’ll learn which methods are most and least effective in digital marketing.

About the author

Supercharge Lab’s CEO, Anne Cheng, is a serial entrepreneur who has sold two of her previous startups. She was also founder of Start Up Nation, a Southeast Asian angel investment fund that she retired from in 2016. Passionate about innovation, social enterprise and humanitarian causes, Anne spends her time helping small businesses improve their efficiency and build sustainable innovations that can impact humanity. Anne especially enjoys mentoring, and spends her free time coaching the next generation of future entrepreneurs.

Anne Cheng

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