Anti-crisis approach in video ad production

April 28, 2020
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Alternative reality has rushed over us almost out of nowhere. Life has changed dramatically in the last months. These changes concern business as well. To keep the lights on, we need to adjust as quickly as possible to the new world rules. 

Today companies are cutting their budgets including those for marketing needs. However, ad campaigns are to be created to make people remember about your brand after the crisis is finished. 

So, how to make great performing video ads without huge six-figure sums? How to create videos in quarantine without real shootings? And how to make the video production process optimized for the lockdown situation?  

Here is anti-crisis advice from team, professionals in video production for Facebook ads, for you on how to save the company money, resources, and efforts. 

Cinemagraphs: make your photos move

Probably you haven’t heard this word before but be sure you’ll hear it more and more very soon. Cinemagraphs are the pictures where one of the elements becomes live. They are more than simple photos but yet less than videos. They have become trendy in recent years.

As the photos seem to be moving, your content becomes more engaging and inspiring. According to Flixel’s experiment, living photos generate 5.6x more CTRs than still images. Sounds fantastic! 

Converting image to video

Another great idea that doesn’t require any additional resources is transformation of images into videos. It’s possible to create nicely converting videos from already existing pics, interfaces, or past ads. That’s especially relevant for e-commerce and SaaS services or mobile apps. 

You can try such solutions as It can help to do the simplest design tasks. However, if you want to make your video ads look really posh, you definitely need to hire animators or an agency. is one of the agencies to help you here. You just need to upload your files, describe the task and motion designers will get you covered! And you get a ready-to-perform video in 24h. 

Less is more

Yes, you can cheat a little bit and use your existing videos for your future content. It’s possible to cut your long video in smaller pieces and share them with your users. This option is great for mobile optimized videos. 

But don’t forget to mix these new videos with the other content to make the brand look vivid and diversified. 

Also, one video can be divided into several parts and various ad campaigns can be set up. So, don’t hesitate to use your content several times in its variations. Reuse your videos — be content eco-friendly:)

Video footages

We all got accustomed to stock photos. But stock videos can become real rescue for your brand during quarantine times. Platforms, like Shutterstock, Storyblocks or Pexels, are full of professional videos available for download for a reasonable amount of money. 

Moreover, there is no need to pay for a very single video — today you can subscribe for a platform and get an unlimited amount of videos to download.

You can just add some text you need or some effects and use these third-party visuals in your marketing goals. 

Face the interface videos!

If you have a mobile app, a mobile game, SaaS or Webservice, there is one more genius idea for you. Try to use your interface videos and tell people more about your product features. It will engage your existing users and might increase the interest of the potential audience. 

Rock it with influencers

In the era of Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, it seems a shame not to take advantage of their popularity. Find popular influencers on the relevant platform and collaborate with them. 

Bloggers make creatives, promote your brand, and you get your new loyal audience. In addition to this, you can use influencers’ videos in your marketing activities. It’s an absolute win-win situation for you! 

These anti-crisis ideas are working not only during a pandemic or any unstable situation but also they are applicable at the world’s best days. Optimizing budgets is never a bad idea for a business, so these pieces of advice are worth considering in your everyday after-crisis marketing plan.   

About the author

This article was created by Tonya Kirushkina, a copywriter at