The best advertising photos don’t feel like advertising photos

February 23, 2020
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When a potential customer opens your website, blog or newsletter, they will decide within a few seconds, if your message is interesting to them or not. You’ve probably heard this before, but did you also consider the fact that images are perceived 60.000 times faster than text.

What does this mean for you as a marketer? It means that you have to put much more emphasis on selecting photos and videos that are able to put your customers in the right mindset, before they start reading.

Often we spend a long time writing great headlines for newsletter or sales texts for websites just to realize that people don’t really convert into actual customers. This is often a result of us totally missing the point of putting people in a certain mood, before we start sharing a lot of text with them, and only images can do the job for us!

Our co-founder and COO Jonathan Low recently did a very interesting appearance at The 414 – the leading podcast and marketing-show in the UK. Together with host James Rostance he talked about the importance of picking the right kind of stock photos every time, and how JumpStory can help marketers save a lot of time and money on doing exactly that.

Here are a few top quotes from the must-watch/listen podcast:

“Marketers should stop using perfect looking photos. It’s like the charity industry and its overuse of starving children. We’ve become immune to it.”

“Visual marketing should not be about images, but about impact.”

“Stock photography is far from dead, but stock looking photos are.”

“The best advertising photos don’t feel like advertising photos.”