7 Killer Video Marketing Tips for SaaS Companies

June 17, 2020

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Technical products always require more detailed explanations and guides than regular services. That’s where video marketing has no equals. Video is the most efficient way to overview software and provide practical step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to make the most out of your SaaS video marketing strategy and start producing highly converting materials.

Let’s dive into it.

woman diving

1. Try Infographics With Kinetic Typography Video

Infographics are an excellent way to explain complex information in a simple manner.

As a rule, infographics contain statistical and research data, designed in a visually appealing and structured format.

Unambiguous figures, clear metrics, and the most predictable results are what customers want to see. This is not the case when a purchase decision is made emotionally.

apple tree

Therefore, if you created a SaaS product, use the infographic with embedded video features to convince users to get a subscription.

Pro tip! How about using kinetic typography? It’s an advanced approach to video production where statistical and research information is presented using dynamic fonts. In other words, this is an animation with moving text, that makes infographics really outstanding and not boring for the viewer.

Here are some amazing kinetic typography video examples that will inspire your next video marketing campaign.


2. Answer FAQs in Video Format

When users have the choice to read the text or watch a video, 59% of them will choose to jump on a clip. This psychological trend can be perfectly applied to answer the frequently asked questions about your SaaS product. Record the complete answers to user’s requests in video format and upload them on your site to the special FAQ section.

JotForm is a brilliant example of a SaaS product that is actively using video format for FAQs. The team produces short 30-sec clips with intelligible answers to the most common questions, and their FAQ page looks truly striking!

Pro tip! By publishing video answers on your website, you’ll get improved behavioral factors. According to statistics, users spend 2.6x more time on pages that have videos than without.

video making

3. Share Educational Video with a Screencast

66% of users said that they made a purchase after the brand gave them a quality educational video and expert content. Modern users are not only loyal to branded educational content – this is what they expect from companies.

Expert content is an absolute must-have for successful SaaS marketing. The reason is obvious – even if you’ve provided users with the most simple and clear interface, it’s always better to show it in action once than explain it in words ten times. What’s more, the expert content gives you the opportunity to build strong brand authority on the market and increase organic traffic to the website.

Pro tip! Use screencasts in your video to demonstrate how your program works in real time. Reinforce the demo with voice explanations or live translation to boost user experience.

Look what a nice educational video with a screencast and live translation that was prepared by iGMS for their vacation rental software. Stick to the same format.

voice mic

4. Launch a Product Demo Video

Did you know that users who watched a demo video are 1.81 times more likely to subscribe to your SaaS product? Releasing a demo isn’t an advanced marketing technique but an absolutely required attribute for every SaaS business today.  This is the first step in the sales funnel and you just cannot skip it.

Even if your target audience is represented by tech-savvy people, you can’t be 100% confident that all users master your service from the first interaction. That’s why it’s highly recommended to sort through every software feature and button in a demo video.

Pro tip! Conduct A/B testing – create multiple product demos. Considering the fact that not everyone likes to study content in the same way, develop several Landing Pages with different product demo videos. It can be videos with varied durations – 2, 10, and 30 minutes – and individual live consultations.

book reading in a park

5. Employ Social and Storytelling Videos

People want to buy from people. This rule works in all areas and industries. Innovative technologies were created by humans so it’s logical that your users are eager to know about those who are behind the scenes. For example, everyone knows the faces of Bill Gates and Vitalik Buterin, so why not show yours?

Create a series of social and storytelling videos, show the process of work and product development from the inside, tell the story and mission of your company, and let the clients and programmers meet each other. In other words, make your product as humanized as possible.

Pro tip! Do not forget to put social buttons to give users the possibility to share your videos. That’s how you can ensure that information about your SaaS product and company will spread over the market, thereby drastically improving your brand recognition.

social media

6. Record Expert Interviews

I’ve already touched on the topic of expert content, but I meant videos explaining how to use your product (i.e, how-tos, guides, and video tutorials).

Now, I offer to use another, more advanced approach – share educational content in the format of interviews with industry experts and your company leaders. For example, if you created a SaaS product for the AI-based hiring process, then organizing an interview with the leading HR managers will be appropriate.

Thus, your users receive not only a high-quality SaaS product and a guide to using it but also additional knowledge in their industry. This increases loyalty and turns your clients into life-long customers.


Pro tip! Inviting a reputable expert for an interview is quite expensive, so start with free-of-charge, no less effective initiatives such as holding interviews with your company leaders. It can be a CTO or a CEO who can share their insights and valuable experiences regarding product development.

By the way, you can talk about non-technical things. You’ll be surprised to know how clients adore motivational speeches, practical advice on how to build a successful business, and other kinds of business-related stories.

For example, Sundar Pichai, a CEO of Google, regularly gives interviews both to the media and in-house marketing department, sharing his secrets to success and rules for business growth.

child is reading a book

7. Present Customers Testimonials In Videos

The internet is teeming with fake reviews. Modern users read reviews very carefully and have already practically learned to distinguish a true testimonial from a specially written one.

In this case, the advantage of video is that the recorded review is almost impossible to fake. Customers who are really satisfied will easily agree to tell about their experience with your product and allow you to use their video as evidence.

What is more, they can easily do it on their own, just from their office or home using a smartphone. In this case, you get an additional advantage – user-generated content.

Pro tip! Encourage users to record video testimonials by offering them a free subscription for a month or half a year.

video camera

Easier Than It Sounds

Video marketing is an endless scope for creativity. The technical subtleties and unique features of your SaaS product will give you a solid ground for creating non-templated, actionable video content.

Choose the most suitable options from the list according to your budget and goals, and start producing right away. Believe me, video marketing for SaaS is easier than it sounds!

About the author

This insightful article was written by David Roberts, expert in digital content marketing, visuals and its use in advertisement campaigns.

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