7 Design Trends for E-Commerce Websites – best practices

April 14, 2021
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2020 taught us a tough lesson – almost any business needs a website if the owner wants to develop his business and make a profit, regardless of changing external conditions.

Trends in the field of web design are changing at a tremendous speed, some innovations lose their relevance even before they have time to be introduced to the website.

Procrastination can miss its benefits. If you want to have a modern, stylish and convenient website capable of solving the tasks assigned to it, be attentive to the latest trends.

We’ve compiled a list of web design trends to save you time. Take a closer look at it and find solutions that are useful for the development of your business in the new year.

egg painted with design trends

Motion design

Using the motion design allows you to simplify your search while animating pages with a minimalist design, adding flavour to them. Animations, graphics, and cool effects during transitions are more impressive than the usual static content.

Interactive elements always arouse interest among site visitors and make them actively interact with the content, because it is both exciting and convenient.

What can you use motion design for?

  • Registration of transitions in page titles;
  • The output of diagrams;
  • “Animation” of pop-up windows;
  • Drop-down menu design;
  • Adding dynamism to scrolling.

guy breakdancing with motion

Landing pages on your e-commerce website

Websites come in two flavours – multi-page and single-page. Initially, it was customary to create a separate page for each new topic. But many users are not motivated enough to scour the plethora of pages and navigate menus.

Web design provides solutions that can make life easier for the user and improve the efficiency of interaction with the site. A landing page is one of them.

There is no confusing navigation or a far hidden menu in the structure – all information is presented as clearly and concisely as possible.

Since mobile traffic has long defeated desktop traffic, the landing page design is optimal for smartphones, where the main way of navigation is scrolling.

navigating on a boat

A landing page is an effective tool that can push a user to take a targeted action: leave an application or place an order, so it will not take the last place among the trends of 2021.

Artificial intelligence development

Nowadays, reliable information alone is not enough for users. If the design looks repulsive, and the interface is too complex to master it intuitively, then the person will simply leave the website.

Artificial intelligence belongs to the trends of 2021 because it can calculate the choice of a website visitor and even compose his portrait.

With the help of AI, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What product or service would a visitor want to buy next?
  • How long does it take for a client to decide to purchase a product?
  • What product do customers like more than others?
  • What products do not generate interest from customers?
  • Which target audience is interested in your products?

Girl eating a cupcake

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality trends

The possibilities of virtual and augmented reality began to be used in web design only 2 years ago, but they have already made the work of users in the online space more convenient.

Virtual reality completely immerses in the designed world and augmented reality connects digital content with the physical environment of users. In real-time, this enhances business opportunities.

The technology allows potential buyers to virtually “taste” the product, which increases the number of sales.

When combined, augmented and virtual reality form mixed reality (AR), which looks especially good in corporate applications.

Asymmetric layouts and design

Despite the social media-style design trend, there is also a natural trend with it to break boundaries and understand page markup.

dog with two eyes color

The usual grid, like that of online stores or news resources, is fading away. New forms appear that are unlike each other. The boundaries are really erased and the usual placement of “Menu”, “Contacts”, “About us”, etc. 

May look completely unconventional. An asymmetric layout will at least pique the user’s curiosity, which means they’ll start exploring your site, then your product. You will keep the client on the site longer than the usual square, clear grid.

When using asymmetry, do not forget about balance and composition, so that one part of the page does not “outweigh” another. For example, the image should not be larger than the text block.

Why asymmetry?

  • To revive the selling page, initially focusing the attention of users on the most important things;
  • Facilitate the visual perception of information;
  • More profitable use of space on the page;
  • The very situation of asymmetry is well suited for emotional design, the use of images/information of an advertising nature, goods that enhance emotional motives;
  • A feeling of dynamism is created, the site ceases to be boring.

Voice search

Humanity is constantly striving to save energy and invents devices and programs that would free you from routine activities and save time. Now there is no need to enter requests manually – just a voice command.

two people checking e-commerce websites

As Google takes an interest in voice search queries, the fashion for sites that implement the mechanics of voice search is growing.

The ability to work with the site without a keyboard and not waste time typing is popular with many users. So, good quality web development and design should definitely focus on this.

Photo + graphics = love

A hybrid of photos and graphics is another trend in the web design of the new 2021. This collage is a tribute to pop art lovers, creating not only a playful mood but also a certain layering. This adds interest to your product and service.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers on the market favour this story, preferring standard solutions. Still, a lot of companies are easily embedding photos and graphics on their sites, from media sites to food and clothing.

The use of such a technique in the latest segment of goods may indicate not only that your company is keeping up with the times, but also about the product itself, about your target audience. 

Couple kissing and smiling


It can be difficult to track and highlight trends for the next year, because they change very quickly, and some even disappear without a trace. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to make your site more convenient and attractive for visitors, using interesting solutions.

About the author

Nick Brown is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged in projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.