4 Effective Ways to Automate Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

October 9, 2020

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If Pinterest marketing is part of your promotional activities, these four ways to automate your Pinterest marketing strategy should be your next steps to achieving fantastic results.

Your business deserves a ridiculously productive, low-cost Pinterest assistant that shaves hours off your workweek by doing all the heavy lifting on Pinterest.

I’m not talking about hiring a flesh-and-blood human assistant. Rather, about utilizing 4 effective ways to automate your Pinterest marketing strategy.

You can focus on being the heart and brains behind your business by putting Pinterest marketing on software autopilot.

Three of the four ways to automate your strategy shared in this article are features of Tailwind, the most well-known and trusted Pinterest scheduler. Besides rocking the most effective automation features, Tailwind works closely with Pinterest itself and is, of course, an approved Pinterest marketing partner.

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The latter is a key factor in choosing your autopilot software. Pinterest allows and endorses the use of third-party software for the good of your Pinterest strategy.

There is only one rule – the software you use needs to comply with Pinterest terms and standards. Before using any third-party software, make sure it is approved. You can find all the approved tools and software in the Partners Directory.

1. Schedule your pins in advance

Most business owners find it tough to find the time to pin daily. Manual pinning is not a sustainable way to attract your target audience and drive traffic with Pinterest.

The most effective way to automate your Pinterest marketing strategy is to schedule content days or weeks in advance. This ensures your audience is being served content around the clock.


You can sit down once a week or once a month to curate the content. Then let Tailwind post for you.

Tailwind’s scheduler comes with a Chrome extension, adding a “Schedule” button on top of images both on and off Pinterest. When clicked, a window pops up where you can schedule the pin for a specific board, date, and time. Filling your Tailwind queue with dozens of pins takes mere minutes.

Pinterest also has a native scheduler that lets you publish a pin at a later date. You can only schedule one pin to one board at a time, making the feature better suited for single pins, rather than days or week’s worth of content. What you win in cost, you lose in time and effort.


What makes Tailwind’s scheduler special is not only the ability to bulk schedule. It’s also the data it uses to optimize your pin schedule. Tailwind pulls information about when your audience is most active on Pinterest to help you create a pinning schedule that works best for your content.

The more you use it, the more accurate it gets. You can also view an at a glance table of your performance stats to know what content resonates most with your audience. This will let you create more of what they crave.

2. Amplify your content’s reach with Tribes

Tailwind Communities is a collaborative space for adding your original content and getting it shared by fellow community members.

Small, niche group boards can still do wonders for getting your content out there, but Tribes creates a new level of content amplification on Pinterest.

Essentially, each Tribe is a pool of content. Every member can post their content and should repin other people’s content from the pool. It works on reciprocity – repin other’s content and get your content repined by people with relevant audiences.


You should join Tribes based on your specific niche and topics. Large general (i.e. post your blog) Tribes are generally less effective since you’re competing with hundreds or thousands of other content creators from many walks of life. The more focused the Tribe is, the better the chance of getting your content in front of the right people.

Additionally, you can schedule content straight from Tribes, making it a great place to discover helpful, quality content to share with your audience.

3. Pin your evergreen content with SmartLoop

SmartLoop is a feature within Tailwind that allows you to pick pins that you want to pin repeatedly. It also automatically loops them onto regular or group boards over time.

If you have evergreen content that is always relevant to your audience, you can set up SmartLoop to pin it all year round at a specific interval.

What if you’re in a niche that experiences notable ups and downs in interest and search queries? Create a seasonal loop to only pin during a specific timeframe. You only need to set up the loop once. Once created, it will do all the work for you until told to pause or stop.


To make the best use of SmartLoop, you should have a considerable amount of content. Also, ensure having enough relevant boards to avoid pinning the same few pins all the time. The same goes for scheduling and Tribes as well.

I recommend holding off on SmartLoop until you’ve picked up the momentum with your content creation and have built an active Pinterest profile.

4. Boost shares with the Save button

The Save button has been around for years, but it’s overlooked and underrated.

The Save button is the clickable Pinterest logo that shows up on your website’s images when a visitor hovers over them. Visitors can use it to save your content straight to their Pinterest boards with a few clicks.


It is a Pinterest strategy automation in its purest form. You spend a few minutes setting it up once, and your audience does the rest of the work.

Whenever someone saves from your website using the button, there’s more of your content on Pinterest. The more your content there is on Pinterest, the more pinners see it, interact with it, and click back to your site.

Seemingly a small thing, but when you add it all up, makes a big difference, right?


It’s perhaps worth reminding that people in the age of the Internet are pretty lazy. They’re captivated by what you said, but unless it’s easy for them to share the message, they’re not going out of their way to do it.

Even then, it might not happen but hey, at least you tried. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

You can add the Save button to your website by embedding a piece of code to your site. 

Happy automating!

About the author

Maris Lainemäe is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist and the owner of Jungle Soul Collective. She specializes in working with women-led service-based businesses that are ready to use Pinterest to attract, connect with, and convert their dream clients.


Maris Lainemäe

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