4 Benefits of Social Media Your Business Shouldn’t Miss Out On

September 6, 2022

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Do you think of social media as an asset to your business? Do you consider it a platform that can further your business goals? Or are you still going against the tide, resisting the social media frenzy?

Well, this social media frenzy is here to stay, and it’ll only keep growing. But most importantly, it’s an avenue that you should, by all means, explore and exploit as much as you can. Most of your (potential) buyers, if not all of them, are on social media in some shape or form.

And the thing is, your competitors are also there, taking advantage of all the opportunities your business is missing out on. Those opportunities include everything from building trust, communicating with your audience, and creating a strong, recognizable brand to increasing your sales and profit.

To help you jump more readily and confidently onto the social bandwagon and fully realize its undeniable, lucrative potential, we bring you the top 4 benefits of social media your business shouldn’t miss out on. Read on!

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Increased Brand Awareness and Reputation

In 2020, there were almost four billion active social media users.  Which is half of the world’s population! And that is the number of users you are missing out on when you’re not on social media. Of course, not all of them will be your ideal customers or require your services. But almost all your buyers will be among them. No matter their age group, location, or interests. They will be on one or the other social network. 

For example, Twitter and Instagram gather the most millennials. TikTok is trending primarily amongst youngsters. Facebook may feel like it’s mostly oriented to those older than 35, but there is actually no dominant age group there. And it still has by far the largest number of users – 2.85 billion!

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With such a large user base, social media platforms have the unique potential of helping you build your reputation as well as create such a strong and recognizable brand that you become the number one brand in your industry. Social media is the best and easiest way to reach out to your customers, communicate with them directly, and thus develop trust. And for the modern consumer, there is almost nothing more important today than trusting the brand they are buying from.

So, social media is a must. No matter if you’re a newly-founded, growing, or fully developed business. It will help you grow, increase your brand awareness, allow you to stay in touch with your customers, discover their needs, wants, and pain points through social listening, and ultimately build a brand that people love, trust, look for, and buy from.

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Increased Sales with Lower Marketing Costs

When it comes to marketing, the budget is usually your main roadblock. On the one hand, you know you need marketing for growth and profit. But on the other, you don’t want to waste any money. You want a marketing solution that doesn’t involve too many risks or big investments, and that brings ROI. And that’s exactly what you get with social media. 

First of all, opening a social media account is completely free. It takes a literal minute to muddle through the registration process. Second of all, posting on your social media – also completely free! This means that your initial investment equals zero. And that’s the dream, right?

What’s even better is that each post you publish is an opportunity to generate a new lead, gain another trusted customer, and make another sale. Research has shown that consumers are more likely to reach out and buy from you after seeing interesting posts, reading your content, and developing a general sense of trust towards your brand.

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In addition, there’s another avenue to explore with social media, and that’s paid advertising. Paid advertising on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, is still more affordable than, for example, Google Ads and other forms of marketing. Set aside a portion of your budget for paid ads to accompany your social media post. It will surely bring even more exposure and further increase your sales.

And if your budget doesn’t have much roof for paid ads, you still have the option to boost your published posts. Boosting can be done on Facebook and LinkedIn. It means paying for the posts to get seen by more users but at much lower costs. You can boost your post for as low as $1! And what’s one dollar compared to hundreds of new users this post will reach and potentially convert into buying customers?

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Better Search Engine Rankings

In digital marketing, everything is connected and intertwined. Nearly every digital channel can positively impact and enhance at least one other. And one of the impacts of social media as a digital channel is enhancing your search engine ranking.

Social media, however, will not directly influence your rankings. Rather, it will help boost some key factors that will affect the rankings.

Here’s what we mean by this; First of all, there’s no better place to share your web content, such as blogs, than social media platforms. This sharing is actually a vital part of any content marketing strategy. It increases your reach and, with it, your web traffic. Google will, in turn, translate this increased web traffic and engagement as positive signals, which ultimately benefits your rankings.

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Social media can directly influence the number of backlinks to your website, and they’re among the cornerstones of SEO and key ranking factors. So how does social media help with this? It’s pretty simple. The more your content is shared on social media, for example, a great new blog that you’ve written, the more people it will reach, and the higher the chances of someone linking back to it.

And all of that, again, sends positive signals to Google. Your rankings start increasing, your traffic as well, and ultimately, sales will follow suit.

Social Recruiting of Skilled Professionals

And finally, social media is a great place to reach and recruit some amazing talent for your company. Through social platforms, you can post and advertise job openings that can be easily shared and reach the best candidates in your niche. LinkedIn’s been the absolute leader in this area ever since it started, and it’s the #1 business and employment-oriented network.

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A whopping 80% of active and passive job seekers are on social media, most of them being tech-savvy Millennials. Zoomers or Gen Z that were practically born on the socials will also soon enter the professional world, while some already have, which means soon there’ll be even more professionals to choose from.

Posting jobs on social media also allows those interested in engaging with you informally or asking you additional questions about the job before they decide to apply. You can even choose to create an entirely different social media account dedicated exclusively to job-hunting, like Starbucks, Marriott, and Yellowstone have done on Instagram.

Great reach and more applications are guaranteed, and your entire job-seeking process is made simple and efficient.


The Power That Keeps on Growing & Giving 

The benefits and the potential of social media platforms are huge and undeniable. They are your chance to reach a number of new potential buyers that can hardly be found anywhere else. 

The importance, extent, and role of social media in people’s lives keep growing every year, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. And the only logical thing is to join this exponential growth and allow social media to help grow your business, as well.  


About the author

Matej is a digital marketing expert, CEO, and head strategist at Kala Presence with more than ten years of experience in the marketing industry. He offers comprehensive, hands-off digital marketing solutions, fully personalized strategies, and complete market domination for his local and worldwide clients. He perfected his skills in the most competitive U.S. market and now uses the valuable knowledge, techniques, and experience to further promote and advance digital marketing in Croatia.

Matej Jambrović

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