3 Ways to Improve SEO on Your Website Without Building Links

October 12, 2020
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Professional link building for business sites

When it comes to improving the SEO of your site, most expert advice is to focus on building links (professional link building services). But building backlinks is an expensive pleasure and has a high cost. If you think about it, you will find that there is a good reason for this. Without relevant and authoritative links your business site will not rank for keywords that bring traffic and sales.


All sites in busy niches that compete for a place in the top 10 at Google SERP, have a serious link profile with thousands or millions of links. Not to mention a team that is constantly diversifying and maintaining the appropriate link profile. The links are the weight that pushes forward and keeps a site ahead of its competitors.

Let’s look at the terms and what they mean

Through a link, the visitor visits another site to read the information he is looking for on the Internet. Through the links, the spiders crawl the web and discover new content. Links should redirect to sites with more information and generally do. However, people who work professionally with link building build content to manipulate Google.

Inbound links should focus on quality, not quantity. Cheap spam links mostly from comments are not endorsed by Google.

Strategy for building quality inbound links

Link building is a strong strategy but with a major drawback (Everyone does) and they usually win those with a bigger spending budget. If you think about how you will develop your site in highly competitive niches, you should keep in mind that there are:

  1. Fierce competition in tough niches
  2. Expensive price of specialists and tools
  3. It takes time for a result to come.

You can try, at your own risk, to improve your Google rankings without spending endless hours creating and promoting your content or hire an SEO agency. The good news is that inbound links can be earned in addition to being bought. But for this to happen you need the following 3 things:

  1. Create a great product
  2. Make it completely free, or freemium
  3. Use social networks to promote it

Creating content is not enough to rank your site on the first page of Google. Another 100 things are needed for this to happen. If you made a good products ( free themes, free plugins, etc.) and added them to relevant communities and thematic catalogs, they will work 24/7 for the benefit of your site through the links they have.

record store

Benefits of developing products and solutions

A premium product with a free trimmed version can gather thousands of links and promote its creator in a community. If it is really good, people will pay a price to use it (from a little treat to money). From there will come new inquiries and new users who will want to become your customers, looking for specific services or expanding the functions of existing products (theme, plugins, etc.).

You can also develop related assets for finished products. Things like infographics, how-to-guides, tutorials, other guides will give readers a complete solution or correct guidelines for a problem that bothers them. This guide ranks very well in the search engine for related searches. Only your imagination and skills set the limit.


Improve SEO with charitability

Everyone loves the word “free” and it seems to be magically used by marketers to attract the attention of readers. There are many large communities in the IT industry that work without payment or create super quality products that they provide for free to all. If you can write quality code now you have the opportunity to give something on your behalf to people.

Through social networks, you will be able to promote it and it will reach millions of eyes. Youtube is an ideal place for this product to become famous through video tutorials and in addition to attracting targeted traffic and potential buyers, it can also attract the attention of companies that would like to buy its rights to hire a developer for their needs.


The Internet is an endless place where you can do many things, but it requires skills, purpose, and a desire to develop. There is no jump here, you determine where you want to go, which path you will take, what things you will work with and how you will develop. You can take care of your finances, and they are rewarded by giving you personal financial freedom.

About the author

Panagiotis Kontogiannis is a Head of SEO at Blog7 – SEO agency. Technical SEO expert, in the SEO industry for over 11 years. Consultations and audits for businesses and e-commerce stores and local SEO in various markets in Bulgaria and Greece.

Panagiotis Kontogiannis