3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Any Kind Of Business

November 17, 2020

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Did you know that 83% of small businesses believe digital marketing is essential for their businesses?

Today’s world is strongly driven by digital media. We are constantly browsing the web trying to find whatever we are seeking on the world wide web.

In a world where digital media has such a high priority, it is almost unbelievable that there are still businesses that do not recognize the need for a digital presence to reach new customers and flows of income.

Boosting sales is the main goal when getting into digital marketing for any sort of business.

Despite that online marketing is a great way for enhancing brand awareness, lead conversion, and improvement of website traffic.

The post below shares 3 significant benefits of digital marketing for small businesses.

Customers are online

It is no hidden fact that 80% of potential consumers use online media to research products they are interested in.

Different than in a Store with a physical location, where you can ask workers for opinions and help, the online world delivers the answers right away.

If we discover a new product that we are interested in, we will get all the information that we need online without even getting in touch with the owner of the product.

Make sure that you are visible to your potential clients and that you are offering enough information related to your business, product, or website in the digital world. This increases the chances that in case anyone researching your offers will be led to your informative resources.

Cheaper than traditional marketing and way more transparent

Have you ever tried to figure out how many of your print marketing materials like Flyers or business cards have ended up in the bin?

In fact, even if you would try hard to track how many people are really coming across your business because of your print marketing materials, you will never know exactly.

Not speaking about the costs of print marketing. This is where Digital Marketing comes in as a game changer. Digital Marketing is thanks to modern tracking methods like “Conversion Pixels” and “Cookies” the only method which shows exactly how much you earn on each cent you spent. Setting up your digital marketing campaigns and pixel correctly will result in the most precise reporting you ever experienced during a run of a marketing campaign.

Used wisely the data that is gathered from digital marketing campaigns can be used to scale your business and forecast future income knowing exactly how much you have to spend in order to make a profit. No traditional marketing method will give you these insights.

Increase your ROI (Return on Investment)

Considering the fact that businesses go one step further and digitalize their purchase and sales processes to market them with the power of digital marketing will result in an increase in the ROI. Spending money for marketing will be needed to gain results and profit from a digital marketing campaign. Knowing how much exactly you are winning on your digital campaigns gives you the advantage to plan your budgets accordingly.


It is hard to believe that there are still some business owners who do not see the big advantage that comes with digital marketing. On the same side, it is interesting to see how fast businesses from any imaginable niche understand the power of digital marketing achieve results and grow their businesses with digital marketing.

About the author

Pavel Schwindt – Online Marketing Manager and Founder of Social Ad Bull.

Pavel is taking care of more than 36 Clients managing their digital marketing activities. He is supported by his team and network of certified digital marketing experts at Social Ad Bull.

Pavel Schwindt

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