3 Interactive Content Ideas To Boost Audience Engagement

March 9, 2023

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Businesses strive to get ahead in the marketing game and beat the competition. They aim to attract and engage more audiences and sell more products and services than anyone else.

So, here’s the thing: Creating interactive content is one of the best ways to achieve these goals.

Interactive content can hold users’ attention while educating them. It encourages users to transition from the passive consumption seen in static content to active engagement.

With interactive content, users get to interact with your content in a fun, engaging, and productive manner. No wonder 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective in grabbing people’s attention than static content.

So, here are three interactive content ideas to boost audience engagement and conversion rates.



1. Quizzes

One of the easiest ways to hold someone’s attention is to encourage participation. Quizzes, among other things, bring fun to users. They’re a cheap form of interactive content that encourages user engagement.

Buzzfeed, for instance, uses this type of content to increase engagement. In fact, they have a separate page dedicated just to quizzes.

Incorporating quizzes into your content can significantly improve your SEO results. Quizzes prove to your audience that the conversation is two-way as you record their feedback.

Another advantage of quizzes is that users can post their results on social media. That means their friends could end up taking the quiz to see how the results vary. This works well to increase website traffic and build brand awareness.

Quizzes can be a form of interactive survey too. You can learn vital details about your potential customers from the answers.

To create your own quiz, you first need to pick a topic that works for your brand. Then, Typeform, Survey Anyplace, and Survey Monkey have simple templates that can help you create a quiz.

It is good practice to make your quiz shareable on social networks so users can get others to participate.



2. Infographics

These are visual representations of information. Infographics pack lots of information into easy-to-understand charts or images. An interactive infographic is an animated visual report that responds to users’ actions when they hover over or click on them.

Since infographics show all key metrics in a single image, they are an excellent tool for shortening long-form content.

Infographics can include calls to action or pop-up facts. To boost audience engagement, you can post excerpts on your social media platform. From there, a call to action button redirects traffic to the main post.

Infographics are great for creating snackable content. This will dish out your whole idea and information to users quickly. It replaces long, dense paragraphs with short, straightforward, and useful information.

To create a powerful interactive infographic, you can use software such as Adobe Animate, Canva, Visme, Edraw Info, etc. You can follow these easy steps;

  • Choose the most appropriate template for your work
  • Customize it to your liking
  • Animate and add interactivity as much as you like
  • Then Share it

 Ensure that you use striking and engaging designs, as they make your work unique.

Here’s an interesting example of an interactive infographic, showing the stages of baby development.




3. Interactive Video

Not only does video content have a rising role in SEO ranking, but it can also engage and entertain users in a way no other content format can.

In 2022, 82% of global internet traffic came from videos.

But do you know what’s more entertaining and engaging than a normal video? An interactive one.

Interactive videos allow viewers to interact with the content by clicking on links and pop-ups to other pages.

Here are some techniques to make your video interactive.

Hotspots: these are points within a video where you inbuild clickable links that can redirect users to a landing page or another video.

Overlays: You can use overlays with time triggers to add clickable texts, images, CTAs, and more to your videos in order to encourage user engagement.

Here is an example of an overlay.




Observe how the video pauses at a particular time, and clickable content is displayed over the video.

Branching: this is a cool way to create your interactive video where users can shift from one video to another depending on their choices.

Branching can take the form below:

Here, the video continues playing based on the choice of the viewer. This can be used to market different product varieties where the user is shown only information on the product he is interested in.

Interactive videos through these methods can help your brand boost user engagement.


In Closing

The above three interactive content ideas are excellent tools that are effective for content marketers in boosting audience engagement rates.

Unlike static content, including quizzes, infographics, and interactive videos on your blog posts will improve user experience, boost engagement, and ensure quality feedback. It’s time to introduce these types of content in your marketing funnel.

About the author

Corey Batt is the Head of SEO at Authority Builders. The company helps businesses acquire more customers through improved online search rankings. Corey has an extensive knowledge in digital businesses with experience in developing online brands in fintech, ecommerce, online marketplaces and digital services.

Corey Batt

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