13 Proven Ways to Leverage Your SEO Using Marketing Automation

December 13, 2022

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SEO using automation software helps to create consistent processes which eliminate human labor and error, just like other applications of automation. Most automation technologies used for reporting purposes combine a variety of discoveries into a single dashboard, which makes the information dynamic and easier to understand. These insights are key to a successful SEO project. Due to the labor-intensive nature of SEO, timely on-demand automated reports can help keep the project on course.

All activities carried out in an SEO project can be grouped into two basic categories. Call them “creative work” and “research,” respectively. While “research” comes first and lays the ground for the “creative work” to presume. Content marketing, planning, and relationship-building are all examples of creative work. When done well, creative work can boost your keyword ranks and generate organic backlinks. Automation of these tasks is not feasible as they need human interaction.

Two main advantages result from automating research tasks. You’ll first have access to more thorough information that promotes cleverer tactics. Second, SEO automation frees up your staff’s time so they may work on other projects.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits.

1.     SEO capture

Typical KPIs of SEO campaigns are search engine rankings or SERPs. Rarely do conversion statistics of a website’s organic traffic is taken into consideration as part of an SEO project. High ranks can certainly bring you clicks from potential clients, but converting that traffic into clients is key to getting a good ROI on your SEO campaign. Cloud-based SaaS products for SEO using marketing automation will assist you with key insights which can then be used to develop optimized landing pages, forms, and calls-to-action sections on the website.

2.     SEO Using Marketing Automation Reduces Team Burnout

The American Management Association claims that burnout is one of the major threats to the productivity of a project. Carrying out monotonous activities in a rushed corporate environment has been found to be one of the causes of burnout. Sadly, a lot of SEO-related jobs need meticulous attention to detail and repetition. Agencies manage a long range of clients and they only break even when a large number of projects are assigned to a specific team in their organization. This setup often stresses out even the best of performers in the team and it may eventually result in a burnout.

Adopting automation in many of these processes in an SEO project is one of the effective ways for marketing agencies to grow their operations without causing undue stress on their employees. The time saved can be diverted towards more creative activities to spearhead the SEO campaigns. This is how integral the automation process is to executing an SEO campaign.

3.     Content Optimization

Thanks to the fast growth of information all over the internet, everyone is by now aware that content is king. By giving information on user interactions with website content and emails, marketing automation will aid in the optimization of your content planner.

Content prepared related to a specific “topic category” can be shared with the matching subscriber list as soon as it goes live. Content can be tested in terms of user engagement, far before it has started to rank and obtain organic traffic. Over time, your content can be modified several times based on insights from the marketing automation software. As a result, these value adds to the content will aid in better SERP rankings on organic search results.

4.     Automate SEO Analytics

Automation technologies of today go beyond just collecting data; they now assist marketers in making sense of the data. Ahrefs Content Explorer today offers insights, for instance, offers content gap analysis and cross-website SEO audit assessments. Automating SEO analytics reporting helps in building a smart execution strategy.

5.     Reputation Management

Potential clients research your company online and what they find about your company decides whether they will be able to trust you or not. Therefore, you must track what the internet says about your company across the internet (including social media). Addressing complaints raised on other platforms is key to getting good reviews. Reviews are one of the key ranking factors for all search engines.

You can also identify your customers and follow up with them using marketing automation workflows to get reviews. Thereby, making it a more effective process to increase your SERP rankings.

6.     Engage Dormant Customers with Ecommerce Marketing Automation

eCommerce retail websites which have a good organic traffic usually end up with a huge list of dormant users.  Reengaging dormant consumers for key updates and offers is another sustainable method to get a better ROI on your SEO activities using marketing automation. It should be noted that each store has its definition of “dormant clients” as per the setup on a specific website. As a result, eCommerce marketing automation can be customized to re-engage with these dormant clients as pre-specified intervals using a personalized email or SMS.

7.     UX optimization using marketing automation workflows

There is no doubt that using eCommerce marketing automation to boost sales and conversion rates should be your primary objective as an ecommerce retailer. Don’t forget to prioritize user experience personalization and the customer experience in this competition, though. Therefore, you must give careful consideration to the client experience using the insights and A/B testing scenarios from marketing automation workflows. Without automation, it is a time taking process to test user engagement using only organic traffic on a specific landing page. Alternatively, paid traffic can also be used for the same purpose, which of course comes at an additional cost to obtain such visits.

8.     Increase Subscribers & Sales

Gaining more subscribed leads from search engines and other sources of website visitors is simple with marketing automation. This is usually implemented with the help of a small checkbox under a form on the website. Additionally, more subscribers mean more opportunities to promote upsells, deals, and valuable content to nurture them for future purchases.

With marketing automation, you can automatically categorize and segment new subscribers you acquire from all of these lead-generation platforms and add them to personalized email marketing campaigns and sales funnels. Again, helping to extend your ROI on SEO campaigns.

9.     Nurture organic traffic with welcome series emails

You may boost the likelihood that your leads will convert by giving them each access to pertinent content on your website packaged in the form of a “welcome series” directly drip fed into their inbox across a couple of weeks or months. Marketing automation is worthwhile when you consider that each conversion brings your leads one step closer to becoming clients. A nurtured client base will increase the search volume of your branded keywords and are expected to stay longer on the website. Both these factors are positive ranking signals for Google’s search engine.

10.   It provides a cost-effective solution

The advantages of marketing automation are endless. Once set up right there are no heavy ongoing costs and provides a much better alternative to retargeted ad campaigns. There are many automation tools that are available for free and are enough to get started for an SME business.

11.   It improves email performance and domain spam score

Email is at the center of a lot of marketing automation confusion. This is because elaborate email campaigns are frequently created using it rather than sending out typical “email blasts” to a sizable list.

Your company might already be utilizing email blast software, which enables you to send a single email to every subscriber on your list. These emails may be successful, but targeted emails distributed by automated tools are frequently even more successful. This is because they are more trusted and have been obtained using form fillings on the website.

Marketers create twice as many leads utilizing automation agency software as they do with email blasts. This is because automation software enables you to customize your content marketing to various segments of your target audience and send pertinent emails to every subscriber.

A better open rate and low spam rate results in more emails reaching the right inbox of the subscribers. The same brand reputation of the domain helps with cold email outreach campaigns of the SEO and are more likely to reach the target audience without being marked spam by automated filters set up at mail servers.

12.   Personalized experiences resulting in highly relevant engagements

One widespread misperception is that automation results in robotic, impersonal marketing, and this may be true when carried out by a novice marketer. However, when done correctly, the copy and other content in automated campaigns are still produced by skilled brand copywriters and catered to various customer demographics. Website content can also be personalized based on the past experience of the user and result in higher relevancy and lesser bounce rates.

Therefore, automated programs have a greater potential for personalization than human ones.

13.   Social media marketing automatioautomationns and its impact on SEO

Even though social media and SEO may be completely separate marketing strategies, all of your content marketing activities should be coordinated where the budget allows for that to happen. In reality, your SEO approach can benefit greatly from a sound social media strategy, as social media engagement is also one of the ranking factors on Google. Marketing automation tools can help with a plethora of solutions which include optimizing your content planner by scheduling posts, curating content, and keeping track of mentions. Later, Hootsuite and Facebook’s own content planner are excellent options for automating social networking.


SMEs and entrepreneurs are usually short on time and any form of automation in their business processes can significantly improve the bottom line and brand value of the company. While SEO is undoubtedly the best long-term method to reach out to more clients with the best ROI when compared to all other marketing campaigns. Marketing automation processes extend their benefits further to leverage the organic traffic to the website and create a more meaningful experience for your clients.

About the author

Shantanu is the SEO expert and founder of Page Potato, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. He also helps small businesses with lead generation solutions tailor-made for their specific business needs. Other than work, Shantanu also loves trying new recipes and spending lazy Sunday afternoons playing with his kitten, Smokey.

Shantanu Biswas

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