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Real or fake - what do you prefer?

If you prefer REAL photos & people in your marketing and communication, you should become a FakeFighter!

Join thousands of like-minded marketers, entrepreneurs, designers, freelancers, etc., and get instant access to millions of real and powerful images.

FakeFighter by JumpStory

JumpStory is not just another collection of cliché-looking stock images with doubtful licenses.

We use ‘authentic intelligence’ to not only remove cheesy & staged photos but also to fight the endless production of AI-generated images that will only contribute to an even more fake-looking world.

The world is not picture-perfect, so your marketing photos shouldn’t be either. JumpStory wants to contribute to a more real future with less superficiality. Do you share our vision? Try any plan now with a 7-day free trial, and cancel at any time.

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'Stock' in the past

The digital world has to be authentic to captivate users. Childish imagery or generated fake photos just won’t cut it. But there are still too many websites out there that use over-the-top stock photos, or images that don’t resonate with readers.

Here are just a few examples of such images …

JumpStory = Authentic photos

JumpStory focuses 100% on authentic stock photos.

The photos are genuine & not corrupted from the original.
The expression of all the photos is real. The images feel realistic.

Good stock photography is all about a split second. A moment in time that
becomes documented forever. Here are just a few examples …

Want to see more images with real people and real emotions?

Become a FakeFighter today. All plans come with a 7-day free trial and unlimited search and use.

Monthly only $39
SAVE 50% with Yearly