Authentic stock images

Authenticity is about being true to the world

The world is not picture perfect, so why are stock photos? JumpStory wants to contribute to a more real future with less superficiality. Do you share our vision?

'Stock' in the past

The digital world has to be authentic to captivate users. Childish imagery or clip-art just won’t cut it. But there are still too many websites out there that use over-the-top stock photos, or images that don’t resonate with readers.

Here are just a few examples of such images …

JumpStory = Authentic photos

JumpStory focuses 100% on authentic stock photos.

The photos are genuine & not corrupted from the original.
The expression of all the photos is real. The images feel realistic.

Good stock photography is all about a split second. A moment in time that
becomes documented forever. Here are just a few examples …

What is an authentic stock photo?

There is no visible & excessive editing.

You can see a real person, in a real-life setting.

The picture gives you a particular emotion to which you can relate to.

The photo doesn’t look staged, aka. the subject’s expression is more natural.