Authentic intelligence

'The New AI' is all about relatable visuals

We believe in making the world a little better through relatable images and redefining AI to be all about honesty and relatability. This page explains how & why.

How 'old school' AI has exploded

At JumpStory we are fascinated by the potential in AI, but also critical when it comes to the usage of artificial intelligence to create things such as deepfakes. We’re also very critical about the picture perfect images and supermodel-looks created using AI.

This technology is currently exploding, and one major study estimates that there will be 100 times more AI-generated visual content online by 2027! The same study suggests that synthetic videos may account for as much as 90% of all online videos.

An example of ‘the old AI’ below. All six faces are generated using AI:

Robots making sushi

People don’t have a problem with robots building their cars, but it’s a different story, when robots are making their sushi. As the professor of management at the University of Washington, Arthur S. Jago, puts it:

“Machines are really good at one kind of authenticity – reproducing categories, but really bad at another kind of authenticity – capturing the sincerity.” 

When it comes to images, JumpStory values relatable visuals. The key for us is not, if the photo was created using a camera or AI, but whether it reflects reality in a relatable and honest way. We’ve named this approach authentic intelligence.

How we use AI at JumpStory

At JumpStory we use AI in a number of different ways:

  • We train our AI to be able to identify images that are real and directly connects to the customer’s message

  • We use AI to automatically remove images from our library that are fake looking; use supermodels etc.

  • We use AI to empower people to create more relatable visuals using our EVERYDAY AI feature.

See for yourself

“Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.”

That’s why we have a free trial during our signup,
so you can see for yourself that most if not all of our visuals
just feel more authentic than your traditional, old school stock photo archives.