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Welcome to our beautiful home - Aarhus

We know that the hottest tech companies often place their HQ in Silicon Valley, Shenzen, Shanghai or New York, but we absolutely love having our HQ here in Aarhus, Denmark. Learn more about why…

Where the **** is Aarhus?

  • Aarhus is a small, beautiful, vibrant and sustainable city in Denmark.

  • If you don’t know, where Denmark is, it’s part of Scandinavia.

  • If you don’t know, where Scandinavia is, it’s in Northern Europe.

According to the Global Destination Sustainability Index, Aarhus has been named the 3rd most sustainable city in the world – see the top 20 cities here.

JumpStory is super proud to be based in a city that’s not only becoming a better and better place for startups, but also a city that values sustainability.

Tech startups in Denmark

You might not be aware of it, but amazing tech startups like Trustpilot, Zendesk, Just-Eat, Humio, Lunar and Tradeshift were all founded in Denmark.

However, it’s also part of the story that most of these startups decided to move abroad as part of their growth journey.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this decision, but JumpStory doesn’t want to contribute to it. Our ambition is to prove that you can make it big from here – and stay here. Just like we’ve seen in the past with famous Danish companies like LEGO, Maersk and Carlsberg.

Why JumpStory is staying in Aarhus

We thought long and hard about the decision to stay in Aarhus because so many of our competitors have decided to relocate.

JumpStory is a truly global tech company with customers in 150+ countries, and our current main markets include the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This might tempt some to move to one of these markets, but we’re staying in Aarhus due to 4 main reasons:

  • Amazing talent As Denmark’s youngest city by population, home to a globally top-ranking university and a world’s top-20 most digital hospital, Aarhus is able to attract amazing talent from all over the world.
  • The startup ecosystem A growing ecosystem of startups with 7,600+ startups and 3 unicorns born here in Aarhus. More than 530 million USD already invested.
  • Our family & friends We want to be close to our loved ones. We’re deeply passionate about our business, but we want to have time for both.
  • Giving back to our roots Aarhus and Denmark have given us everything. Our safe childhood, our high quality education, our free healthcare, etc. We want to give back and say thanks in the best way possible.

Jacob Bundsgaard - Mayor of Aarhus

We asked Jacob Bundsgaard – Mayor of Aarhus -, what he has to say about Aarhus as a city for startups and tech companies like JumpStory.

Here is what he told us:

“An innovative startup and scaleup ecosystem is responsible for much of the growth in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, and we are currently seeing increasing numbers of spinoffs from Aarhus University and other institutions of higher education.

The Danish business growth promotion system provides effective support for entrepreneurship, which has had an extremely positive impact on Aarhus: with a range of high-growth sectors, innovative businesses and a highly qualified labour pool, Aarhus is a very attractive place to start a new business, expand or invest.”

Free JumpStory for everyone in Aarhus

Aarhus is NOT a big city. If you include the suburbs to Aarhus, only 355,000 people live here. However, just like with startups, big things often have small beginnings, and JumpStory wants to contribute to the sustainable growth of all businesses and NGOs located in Aarhus and its suburbs.

This is why we’ve decided to give away our product for FREE to everyone living in Aarhus. If you’re a business or an NGO, and you can use our millions of authentic images for your marketing & communication efforts, simply send an e-mail to aarhus @ jumpstory . com

We will write you back with an absolutely free login to JumpStory giving you unlimited downloads of the millions of authentic photos on the platform. This offer is available for everyone based in Aarhus – meaning area codes DK-8000 – 8541.

Så godnat i New York - godnat til San Fran
iværksætterdrømmens paradis.
Sov godt Sand Hill Road - og Englenes By
Vi lukker vores øjne i Aarhus.

(the above quote is in Danish – freely re-written based on a song by the Danish singer – from Aarhus – Thomas Helmig.)